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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
1/25/19 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Happy Belated Peanut Butter Day!!

Yes, yesterday (January 24th) was National Peanut Butter Day and I hope everyone gave their greys a nice big blob of peanut butter in celebration!! Greyhounds do love their peanut butter. (Remember that if you’re having problems giving a pill.)

King Displays Some Attitude

And we have one other important holiday coming up – – yes, once again it is President’s day on January 31st ! Not the National one – – But the celebration of the birthday of Jerry Deitch, President and founder of Friends of Greyhounds. A few of us will be lunching at Olive Garden to celebrate. I can’t invite all of you to lunch but I can invite all of you – and your friends and family members – to send him birthday wishes by email that day. His addy is: . I won’t tell him (he doesn’t read my blogs) so a bunch of email birthday wishes should be nice surprise for him.

Well – in other kennel news- – – We still have two very handsome boys in the kennel that are looking for homes. Speedy (8 yrs old) and Victory King (7 yrs.) will make great house dogs. They are both on the smaller side, shiny black, playful and happy. They are very quiet and hardly ever bark. They are healthy and ready to go. Neither has very good teeth but the vet cleaned them when they were neutered and they both love gnawing on bones from our butcher. Like our US dogs, these two Macau dogs are loving and attentive. Neither of them is cat tolerant and probably not smaller dog tolerant. But some of you out there must have room for a new greyhound. They really don’t take up much room. Our regular adoption fee is $225 but because they are not “regulars” we will consider a deep discount.


I know many people will not adopt a black dog. Now we are offering you a black, adult dog. We will still deliver (within a reasonable area) and we will still be here to help if you need it and to accept the dog back if there’s a problem. So, go ahead, give one the boys a try! Remember, there is a special place in heaven for people who adopt black dogs!

And another update on kennel activity – – Most of you know that FoG has a working relationship with Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation. (Click here for the “Greyhound Memorial” on the FoG website) It is a beautiful and caring location for our greys to spend eternity – or until we get there to claim them!! They also have an onsite crematorium which I prefer. That way I KNOW I’m getting MY dog back! But I digress. . .

The point of this is that we are getting ready to inter some more of our pets. We don’t open the grave each time there is one dog’s ashes to go in. We open it periodically and put in a “bunch” of dogs. At this time, I have 13 dogs’ ashes here at the house ready to go over. If you have cremains (that’s the correct term for them) and are ready for them to go to their permanent resting place, I urge you to let me know. There is a form on our site for all this but we have done enough with this wonderful family that manages the place that they are lowering our prices a bit. So count up your boxes and fill in what you can of the form and get hold of me. We’ll work out the cost when we know how many we are interring. Placing them in this site gives them a permanent, guaranteed location where their presence is honored forever. Florida has some very strict laws preventing the development of lands that are dedicated as Cemeteries and that includes pet cemeteries.

Remember that we can put in any cremation remains and we are not breed snobs. Dogs, cats, parents, etc. If you look on FoG’s site, you will see that there are already 29 greyhounds, 1 non-grey, 3 cats and 1 human! Our current human is Fred Weatherbee and after he passed, we took his girl Mitzi into our home. She left us a few weeks ago so she will be joining her first daddy again! Call me (Michelle – 954-937-9663) if you have any questions or concerns about our program. I think it is financially and socially practical. Jerry & I will both be with the dogs, too! I also think that the grounds and the neighborhood are just beautiful and I look forward to being there. You can stop by and visit and see for yourself!

Have a greyt week – – and give your dog a kiss for me!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds, Michelle

Greyhound Memorial at Broward Pet Cemetery