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Well we have one holiday behind us and the New Year celebrations ahead. Then perhaps we can consider getting back to normal or something similar to that. Of course, here at the kennel, the big fuss is about the Macau dogs.

We still have three that are presently available for adoption. Because the dogs are few and the interested adopters are many, I have not put these dogs on Petfinder like we generally do. I prefer they go to current adopters who have some experience with greys and may be better prepared for unexpected behaviors. They appear to have very high prey drives and probably should not be placed in homes with cats or small dogs. I would be reluctant to place them with children under 9. Generally our cut off is 5 but these guys have been raised differently than our domestic dogs.

Macau dogs are smaller in stature than our American greyhounds. They are sweet, outgoing and happy. None of them have major scars or personality hang-ups that we have seen. They have extensive documentation of their immunizations as each dog has its own “passport”. They are microchipped and you will just have to register the dog to you with whatever US listing service you want to use.

Each of the dogs has been to our vet for spay or neuter, teeth cleaning and general health checkup. They came to us with horrible teeth but our vet did what he could as an initial dental cleaning. You’ll probably need to invest in dental chews and may want to do some followup cleanings.

When you look at their photos, you will see that all of them have raw areas on their noses. They had black noses when they got here but they apparently are not used to chain link fencing and they find it fascinating that they can rub their noses on it through the links. I’m sure they will grow out of that and have black noses once again!! They are not young compared to our American dogs’ retirement age but they have very little gray fur and look much younger. They get along well with all the other greys they have met around our house. We turn them out with our house dogs and everyone seems to get along (knock on wood!!).

So here is the “private listing” of the greyhounds that are looking for homes – – –

Speedy – Black male – born 8/1/10 – 9 years old.

Victory King – Black male – born 3/14/11 – 7 years old

Zhujiang Wins – Black female – born 2-24-12 – 6 years old. We were first told she was 8 years old but her official documents say she is actually 6. “Zhujiang” translates to Pearl River so we call her “Pearl”. As always, you are free to re-name your dog.

Call us if you would like to meet and possibly adopt one of these dogs. Adoption fee is still $225.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please note that we will not be taking in any more Greyhounds from Macau or other tracks. Friends of Greyhounds is still here to accept dogs that need to be returned and re-homed for whatever reasons. We will still be dogsitting for greys and available for questions or problems. But Jerry and I are retiring from taking in new greyhounds.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,