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Luna the Greyhound

I’m so sorry I forgot to email you back. We changed her name to Lana (like on, not an!). I call her Lana Lu! She doesn’t quite know her name yet, or she doesn’t listen to me. She listens to Brian a lot better. He calls her daddy’s girl. We’re all obsessed with her. She’s met new people and been to the dog park a couple times. She’s good with all the dogs there. She went to our vet on Wednesday to get established and got her nails trimmed. Everything went great and she convinced our vet that he needs a greyhound again. Her microchip has been registered and she is licensed with the city. The only question the vet had was about the heart guard. Did she get one dose and she’ll be due again on the 25th of November? And was the test negative? (I’m sure it was, just verifying). She does great in the house and great in the car. She has a couple bad habits that she’s working on, like the counter surfing and begging. She was afraid of the cats the first day or two but now she tolerates them. And the biggest concern we had, Mr hurley, has a new best friend. They’ve only had a couple minor disagreements. Otherwise they’re inseparable, even after the first night. Hurley refused to play for 2 months after we lost lucas, but now he plays constantly. We have our old dog back and a new girl that we love. Thanks so much for taking care of her and suggesting her for us.

With gratitude,
Kim, Brian, Lana, Hurley, Kiwi and Savannah