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Lots of things I ought to mention…

Okay, I get lazy because John does such a great job on the weekly kennel report and  I don’t push myself to get a “Michelle Blog” out.  But our kennel reporter is taking a few days of sabbatical so I’ll try to get all my little notes and notices out.  So in no particular order. . .

new vanYES, FoG has a new van!!   With huge thanks to the Horses and Hounds Foundation, and Jane & Jeri in particular, and a number of generous FoG adopters and donors, we have a new van. It is a Nissan NV 2500, a high-top cargo van and it should easily transport up to 12 dogs.  It will have to be customized a bit as it does not have air conditioning in the back for the dogs and I may add a window in the side door.  So we’re working on estimates to get those things done and I’m looking forward to our first big dog run.  I did take a few dogs over to our friends at Gold Coast right after we picked it up.  But I left early in the morning and it was really rainy so that kept us cool enough.  We’re going up to H & H’s farm in Lake Worth on Sunday to take some photos.  And Magic City Casino (Flagler Dog Track) has offered to have the van wrapped for us.  We’ll be a rolling greyhound adoption ad.  I can’t wait to get it all pulled together!

And on another happy note, I hope we’ll see you all at our pre-July 4th party on Saturday, June 29th (with leftovers on Sunday, the 30th most likely).  Jerry’s getting out the grill so you can count on hot dogs and burgers and lots of goodies.  Bring something for the table if you want to but come hungry and come back!  Good food and friends and a chance to watch the dogs play (or lay around) together. (I heard an unverified rumor about a doggie birthday cake, too.)

Y’all will have to keep Jerry on his toes that Saturday for me.  I’ll be taking the dogs to an event in Miami at Everett College.  I’ll have more on that to share with you when I get the details.  I’ll need volunteers, too.  It sounds like a super event and I think (I hope) we’re the only dog group going.  More later!

100_6823Please remember that it is your generosity that keeps our kennel operating as well as it does.  So I’d like to mention that we are running low on rice and are OUT of dog cookies.  We love the big ones for night-time snacks and the smaller ones for rewards. So I can assure you that any you bring will be “greytly” appreciated.   Chris is also looking for kitchen trash bags (drawstring prefered), paper towels, and we’re always looking for old blankets.  (the kind the nails won’t get caught in – vellux is great but the thermal kind don’t work)

Right now, we find ourselves shorthanded again.  Our three person kennel team is now two.  We are working on hiring a new kennel person but meantime, there are a few of our volunteers with kennel licenses and we hope they’ll give Chris a call.

See you soon at the kennel – I hope!  Don’t forget the party and keep an eye out for our new Ebay store, too!