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Letter Sent to Adopters on July 23, 2014

new kennel enclosure
Dear Friends of Friends of Greyhounds,

As many of you know Friends of Greyhounds, a 501c3 charity, was asked to vacate the kennel location at Florida Kennels for reasons that are certainly still unclear. We had a decent 11 year relationship with the track, took no stand on dog racing in the state and just did what we did best, moved over 1900 dogs into homes all throughout the states. Some arrived at our kennel healthy and happy but many, many arrived with broken hocks, injuries of many sorts, tired or scared. But FoG always accepted them and found them homes. Sometimes the homes were lost due to foreclosures or jobs or divorce and we were still there. Our founders have tirelessly given time, tears, sweat and fortune to the dogs.

Now we are at a crossroads and we need to reach near and far. We need to keep Friends of Greyhounds on top of the greyhound rescue groups for the most important reason — the dogs need our help.

We have never written a fundraising letter, have never asked the Greyhound community as a whole to dig into their pockets and support this wonderful organization. This letter changes that.

We have found a property where we can continue our mission. It would allow Friends of Greyhounds the ability to care for and adopt out available dogs and be a gathering place for anything that has to do with the good of the dogs. As always we would be open for returns and retiring dogs. But we would also have the greyhound dog park, the student group visits and be a place for the community to continue to gather and honor the dogs that we have all come to love. We want to see a permanent place for the collars to hang and a facility where we can continue being one of the largest adoption groups in the country. And we want a special homeplace for the senior dogs who might have to live out their lives at the kennel – FoG’s own sanctuary for seniors.

We have found an ideal location. We need $750,000 to purchase, remodel and open the new facility. I know it sounds like a huge amount but its really not bad. We have placed almost two thousand dogs. About 25% went to homes through other groups. But if you will help us, working with just our direct adopters, if each dog owner was able to donate $350.00 per dog we could get the dogs into that property. We are searching for grants and we will certainly need some larger commitments from a few of you, but many people and organizations want to see that we have the backing of our own adopters. Please help us to show them that YOU realize how important this mission and FoG’s commitment is to the lives and well being of these wonderful, innocent dogs.

An immediate check in that amount would be the easiest and fastest way to help. FoG also has an online Paypal system. Please commit to this worthwhile effort today. Many of us work for companies that provide matching grants to non-profits (American Express, Home Depot, etc.) and FoG is eligible at every company match. That could double the impact of your donation. And we sorely need that money and any extra that you can spare.

If you are unable to make this commitment now a small amount now with a commitment of $20 or $25 a month on an automatic payment can accomplish this dream, too. Those kinds of payments will help keep the kennel going.

Friends of Greyhounds never said no to a dog- We always made room and we always took our returns. We will continue this mission with your help.

Please share this letter with your relatives, neighbors, coworkers, friends and with your other rescue friends. Post it in your facebook posts. Please honor the dogs that we have and those who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge by making a donation in their name .

My dream is that we can enable Friends of Greyhounds to never have to think about money again. Jerry and Michelle are giving up their home and everything they’ve built in Sunrise to commit all of their personal resources to this chance to provide for these dogs. Can you please pledge 350 dollars in the name of each of your dogs? We have enclosed a way to do this. It is not a lot of money for something so important. It is for the dogs we have loved and lost, for those we have with us now and for those who are still to come and do not know what their future holds.

With your donation, Friends of Greyhounds can continue to be their future. Please donate using the website link or send a tax deductible check to Friends of Greyhounds at 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322. The dogs will thank you for it and so will we.

Thanks with love,

Maurice R Mizrahi
Fundraiser Chair
Friends of Greyhounds, Inc.

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