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I am still amazed at how many of our family are not set up to receive our emails of events and activities! PLEASE take some time right now and join our Yahoo Group.

I get more email than I can stand, too. But we DO NOT use this as an interactive, conversational, group like yahoo intended. We DO use it to let people know of upcoming events, special needs at the kennel, volunteer openings and emergency situations like lost dogs.

We promise not to overwhelm you with emails. Sometimes we might send out two a week and other times, you may not hear from us in a month. We have not used traditional snail mail in quite some time as we live in a transient area so our list is a bit iffy and the cost of postage is ridiculous.

If you did not receive an email about Horses & Hounds you are NOT on our list.

You will have the choice of joining the group or just to only receive emails.

Keep in Touch…

Subscribe to FoGdog’s Yahoo Group and keep up to date with our announcements and news sent conveniently to your inbox.

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You don’t want to miss the parties, do you? (And there are some GREYT ones coming up!)

Thank you,