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Join us at the SUNRISE Woofstock!

(NO- it’s not FoG’s Woofstock.) The city of Sunrise borrowed our name and since it’s for the benefit of animal adoptions, that’s just fine with us! The show is on Saturday, February 5, from 9 Am (8 am setup) to 3 pm at the Sawgrass Sanctuary in Sunrise (Weston Border – directions below)

We’ll have a tent there and I hope you will call come by and visit the dogs. Steve Holloway is managing the volunteers and would love to have you contact him ( or 954-661-3197) for this show or for Renaissance Festival which starts next week, too!!!

Directions to Sunrise Woofstock – Sawgrass Sanctuary Park – Saturday 2/5/11 – 9 – 3 – Take 84 West past 136th as if you are going to Markham Park. At Weston Road, turn left and pass under 595. Your back will be to Markham. Go down about three blocks. Watch on the left as you pass the Fire Station/ Gov Bldg and then a small strip center with a Dunkin Donuts and a Firehouse Subs. At the end of that strip center turn left. That is North New River Circle and there will be a sign saying Hampton Lakes but if they have advertising out that may be obscured. Head down New River Circle and you’ll see a sign for the Park pointing left. Go just past that sign and look for the American Flags. It looks like an alley but it is the entrance to the Park. Turn left and pass between the Flags. The road will end at the park. See You There!!