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John’s Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
4/4/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Horses & Hounds was amazing! I never wanted it to end. The weather was reasonably cooperative and all the dogs and horses and humans had a wonderful time. A huge thank you to Jane Bistline and Jeri Caprio who are the people behind the H&H foundation and who put on this event every year. It was so good to be surrounded by friends and greyhounds again!

Make sure you take the time to see the photos on our website – (click here, click here!) – especially the group shot! We’ll have to make that an annual photo. It’s great. I counted 28 greyhounds in that picture. Some were bodies with hidden faces and I think there were more at the party that missed getting into the picture.

It was wonderful to see so many of our adopters and volunteers – and of course the dogs, again. Jerry and I are running the kennel out of the house and doing most of the work ourselves. We miss our volunteers and friends. Sometimes we get pretty worn out. The weekends at the kennel were our social time. Some of our Miami volunteers came all the way up to Lake Worth for the day and it meant so much to us! And seeing the happy, adopted dogs reminds us of what we’re working for day in and day out.

It was the first year for the exotic car show and I suspect that will grow next year. And we think it’s the last year of the Medieval Times leaping horse show as the trainer is retiring. But, knowing Jeri, she will come up with something else just as wonderful. The auction went very well, too. Soon as the foundation gets all money and expenses figured out, we’ll let you know how it came out financially.

We had three available dogs at the event and Denim, the shiny black girl, got an application! Soon as I get my desk cleared and this paperwork caught up, we’ll be getting her into her new home! We have other dogs waiting for her spot in the kennel.

Thank you to everyone who brought goodies for the kennel and the doggies to Horses & Hounds. I was keeping busy during the event and hadn’t gotten out by the truck at all. A couple people said they’d put a bag in the truck and I said “thank you”. But I was not prepared for the sight of what was inside the truck! I almost couldn’t get the dogs into their crates to go home! And everything else had to wait until I came back up the next day with an empty van. We have LOTS of rice (I think I counted about 160 pounds in 20 pound bags!). Plus LOTS of broth and stock to cook it in – – that’s a real treat for them. It makes such a difference! And we have cookies and pumpkin and peaches and blankies and toys!!! That was so wonderful to see. I’ve gotten it all into the house but it’s not organized yet. That’s coming. And I’ve already started a pot of rice cooked with chicken stock!! Thank you soooooo much!

We had a stack of dog pillows at the tent for sale for $20 each. We’d picked them up at Global Pet Expo. But we were so busy with everything else that we didn’t really sell any of them. So if anyone wants to buy a nice big dog pillow, get hold of me. They’re not the highest quality but they’re a great deal for the price! There are 7 or 8 left.

Horse and Hounds was awesome but we had to come home to the stark reality of a dying A/C unit in the kennel. We’ve been nursing it along for a while and we really had to take advantage of this mild weather and get moving on the replacement. The unit is a “through the wall” a/c (not just window – but outside wall which is about 8 inches thick) and has been leaking water like crazy lately. Come to find out, it has been leaking into the wall itself and it frankly the wall finally got filled up with water and things gave way. We had constant water drainage for about two weeks.

Now we have the old unit out and we’re trying to get the new one into the wall but of course, it’s a different size and shape. Nothing ever goes smoothly with this house! Every time we turn around, there’s a new surprise – like the surprise of the stucco bubble on the outside of our wall due to the water build up inside the wall. We’ve had big slabs of stucco peal off that will need to be re-done. We weren’t ready for any of this!!! But the dogs need the a/c and Jerry is pushing through this mess. If we have anyone out there that knows about stucco or air conditioner installation, we’d love to hear from you!! He wants to do it himself but I’m very sure he’d like an experienced helper – which I am not!!

Hope to see a few of you at the upcoming events – – –
** Pet Supermarket – 801 E. Sunrise Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale 10-2, Saturday April 9 & April 30
** Pompano Beach Seafood Festival – April 22 – 24. Schedule of entertainment is online. We think our tent is in the same place as last year – which was SUPER!! Hours are Friday 5-10, Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 11-8. Hope to see you there – and yes, we will need volunteers!

Hug your hounds for us – and maybe look around and see if you have room for one more!! You know how to reach us!