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John’s Happy Tales Report
9/18/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

Dog Dude Ranch has sustained a lot of damage to their large trees
which means large cleanup. They are still without power and only
able to communicate with cell phone hot spots.
We will have to postpone the party on the 24th.

Here we are, in-between storms at the moment, just trying to get past Irma, saying no way Jose to the one doing loop-de-loops off the east coast, and trying to get Maria to go out into the open north Atlantic and rooting for Lee to stay gone. We hope everyone weathered the storm ok and at least have your power back on by now. The FoG kennel suffered minor damage except for the fence, which must be replaced. We still have seven dogs available for adoption. You can check the website for all the information on any or all of them. Six boys and one girl currently available.


We had the gathering at the Flamingo Road Nursery and Last Cast BBQ stand, very well attended, considering the recent storm and still summer weather. We had nearly two dozen visitors over the course of the morning and afternoon, old friends, new friends, two and four legged, and even some of the curious customers stopped by to check out the hounds. The BBQ was great in my book, we like the lemonade slushy, the weather cooperated for the most part and I didn’t notice it being too warm until close to two o’clock, there was even a slight breeze on occasions. The weather will get more hound friendly as we progress. In case you didn’t hear, the off-leash event at the Doggie Dude Ranch has been postponed, they are still cleaning up from Irma’s visit, so that will be done in the near future.

Logan is our feature hound for this week, he is a return, so he knows perfectly how to live in a home. He is protective of his people, but is not child friendly, so he would fit in a house with no kids. He is very loving, he’s been in the kennel since June, doesn’t know why he doesn’t have a home, all he really needs is a comfy bed, decent food, a run and a treat once in a while, and some love. He certainly deserves that, so hopefully someone will help him out and back into his real forever home this time.


The new calendars have arrived, Michelle had them at the gathering. Actually, there are date books and calendars, the date books are twenty and the calendars are fifteen dollars each. If you are in the Sunrise area, stop in and pick one up, they have a history of disappearing quickly. We have an alumnus in this one, for the first time ever I think. Speaking of storms, Teddy the Dog did a shirt for the Texas hurricane Harvey and raised fifty thousand dollars, now they are doing one for hurricane Irma, to benefit the Search Dog Foundation and I’m sure the link for this will appear here magically, or you can check out the website for more information. They are good shirts, good people, and it’s a good cause.

As previously mentioned, the gathering on Saturday was a lot of fun, and we had a nice turnout. Scott was there with the irrepressible Dusty Barker. He mixed and mingled, got some great pictures and met old friends and made new ones. You can check it all out in his blog, Dusty and Me. I embarrassingly add that I met a lot of BBQ and hung out by the fans a lot of the time, but I will do better next time for sure. Thanks to all of you who came out, and thanks to all of you for all your support throughout the years, through thick and thin. Speaking of thick and thin, SixDog Jerry B’s new girl Wendy came in pretty thick but has slimmed down very nicely under the watchful eye of Jerry B., so congrats to her. Ok, have a safe week, no storms, and don’t bite anyone.

Flamingo Road Nursery