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John’s Happy Tales Report
8/3/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel, Enter The Dog Days Of August Edition.

We have August 9th coming up, the gathering of greyhounds for August. It’s next Sunday, there’s details on the website, I think it’s just south of I-595 on Flamingo Road. 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie, it’s called Flamingo Road Nursery, plenty of room, plenty of shade, there’s even food of the BBQ variety if you want. It’s from ten until two, but there is supposedly plenty of shade and the dogs must be on leash, so they won’t be running around like a bunch of wild Indians like usual, the heat shouldn’t be a factor. It will be a dignified gathering, if such an event can be considered dignified and still have Chris, myself, and Michelle and Jerry in attendance. It’s just a chance to get together, catch up, and visit with old friends and hopefully make new ones.



I have just received a message and it appears that the Memorial Project is completed, or the main writing part has been finished. You can now look for an announcement in the near future with all the details. I have seen some of the early work and it looks like it’s going to be real nice. I’m going to give Michelle a preliminary ‘Well Done’ before it’s officially unveiled and if it’s not as good as we anticipated, we can always take her down a notch or two like they do on the social media. Our Ms. Michelle has been in the past accused of not being much of a ‘people’ person, but whatever shortcomings she might have, real or imagined, she more than makes up for it as a ‘greyhound person’ and you can take that to the bank.

Atascocita Otto


We have some kennel news, there seems to be increased activity in the bull pen as of late. Bagel has been adopted by the humans of the former Atascocita Ing, I know these people, so Bagel will be going to a good home, and, Bagel will have another greyhound sibling to practice breed snobbery with. I keep saying Bagel because I don’t know who Bagel is, whether it’s a he or she. I got some good updates this weekend, but unfortunately Bagel wasn’t one of them. In any case, it’s another retired racer with a good home. Bruiser and Lee visited a potential home, Bruiser started out as the chosen one, but he didn’t adapt well, and Lee tried out and it looks like he’s going to be the winner in that household. Rocky and Otto did not pan out, the potential adopters were going to fly him to Kansas. Flying dogs is not a lot of fun and it’s expensive, plus if there’s a problem with the dog it’s kind of a long way between us and them to solve a problem, if you don’t believe me, ask Dorothy, so we gave them information on where and how they could adopt a beautiful greyhound a little more locally. We may have lost an adoption, but it’s better for all concerned if they adopt locally, and there are some beautiful greys in Kansas no doubt. Another of our previous owners had his dog pass away recently so he came looking for two this time. Mr. Gee and Chester will be moving in with his family up in the Orlando area. Their new forever home people are moving to the Orlando area with a big fenced in yard. I heard that he’s doing more to prepare the house for the dog’s arrival than his own, so I’m sure Chester and Mr. Gee won’t mind waiting a little bit for something like this, a dream come true for any dog. So, we’ve got some dogs getting their things packed and getting ready for their new lives as real dogs, the pet kind. That means we’ll probably be getting some new ones in, so if you’re looking for a hound, keep checking in and look for some new arrivals.



For those of you following Elvis, our found baby greyhound, also previously known as Fang, we have to wait a little longer for his DNA test results, the first one did not work out. Elvis has left the building and is being fostered in a home with other greyhounds. I heard that he is happy, doing well and is as crazy as Chumlee. We hope he continues to learn good greyhound manners from his foster siblings. We may not be as excited about his DNA test results as we thought we’d be a couple weeks ago. Yahtzee, who lives with Jerry and Michelle (and Chumlee) was also tested and his results showed that he is actually a Whippet. I mention living with Chumlee because it he may have affected his personality and even his genes or jeans. Yes, he wears Calvin Kline on occasions. He looks ridiculous, but you can’t tell him that. Yahtzee is about as greyhound as a greyhound can be, and his DNA test results in him being a Whippet, so the jury may be still out on this DNA testing stuff.

I want to mention the passing of a good friend of ours this past week. Nellie, aka, Red Moon Nurse, was thirteen years old. Nellie was well known to us because she was almost a kennel dog. I don’t know the circumstances but her first human left her with us for long periods of time, then when we were about ready to have to just adopt her out again, she would come back and get her again. I don’t know how long this went on but finally she just had to give her up. It’s not always as easy to adopt out a senior greyhound, and Nellie was nine years old, her chances weren’t as good, especially with three or four dozen other dogs that were younger. She was accepted for the Seniorj Sanctuary on a Monday, but late on Sunday afternoon the day before she was to leave, Jay and Samantha, two of our more dedicated volunteers, came in and decided then and there to take her, so she got her forever home with them. They continued working with us, bringing her in on the weekends when they came and she not only got to visit with us, but also go to her own home at the end of the day. Chris said that was probably the happiest she had been in her life, that it was the happiest he had ever seen her, and she spent her last four years bathed in love as every greyhound deserves. So, some of us will look at this with sadness in her passing, but I look at it with joy knowing that she finished her life in grand fashion, loved and was loved in return by a beautiful family, which is our mission at the kennel. I consider it a Happy Tale with a happy ending, it’s an uplifting experience for us to hear that our adoptees are doing well and are happy, and that their people are also very happy with them, for many a true life changing event. Have a greyt week, come out to Flamingo on Sunday if you can, we love to see our old adopters and adoptees. Also, we will be having a meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket on East Sunrise Blvd. that will be on Saturday from ten till two also. I hope. If not, the correct time will be edited in.

A Gathering of Greyhounds

Sunday, August 9, from 10 AM until 2 PM
At the Flamingo Road Nursery, 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie
(Click here for driving directions.)
Lots of parking and you can wander the grounds, check out the little “farmer’s market”
and look at lots of plants, fountains and wind chimes!
Join FoG at the big shady tables & seats by the BBQ stand.
They have food, drinks & reasonable prices.
All leashed greyhounds are welcome.