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John’s Happy Tales Report
8/28/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Three more days and we’re done with August, which will put us closer to the not as hot season where we can schedule more gatherings at the Dog Dude Ranch in western Dade and my favorite, the Flamingo Road Nursery, with its tiki huts, neat plants and the famous Last Cast BBQ stand. Michelle is trying to plan on doing once a month at each location if possible. Our hounds would probably go for that. Just finished vacation in Pennsylvania, but saw no greyhounds, now we have some show on about Princess Diana and my eyes are still blurred from visit to eye doctor today, but at least I can blame any and all mistakes on that, so I am covered.


We did the Pet Supermarket meet and greet on Saturday, it was a slow day customer wise, resulting in a slow day for the greyhound people. Sunday’s Animal Adoption Fair at the War Memorial was much busier and we met a lot of people. There is a new video on our website, “25 reasons why your next dog should be a greyhound”, you might want to check that out, and we also have our current roster, six boys and one girl, who have their bags packed and are ready to go to their forever homes. Mercury and Fella are the two new arrivals, both beautiful young studs, Fella is a brindle and Mercury is what I call red. Also, we have two returns, Kelly (PJ) had a fabulous home, was doing great, but did not get along with the young grandchildren, so he will have to find a spot without young kids. Jagger is eight years old, his human dad had to go to assisted living, so he was expendable. Both these dogs are home experienced (which many people prefer), and are well behaved, one happens to need to be in a home without young children and the other needs people that can take care of him for his entire life. Probably not the owner’s fault, nor the dog’s fault in either case, these things happen, but it’s the hound that usually suffers the consequences. If you are looking for a dog that is house ready, you might want to start your search with them. Actually, I believe Logan has a similar story and is also available. Having adopted out over two thousand greyhounds over the years, it is assured that some will be returned for some reason or other, and we have always managed to get them back out into the real loving permanent home they all deserve. I know that we’ve even officially adopted some who have passed away while still in our kennel. Frivolous deed to some people I’m sure, but to me it meant a final shred of dignity for one of these beautiful animals, who will soon be forgotten by the rest of the world, but at least they were cared for and belonged to someone, even if it was just us and before they got their real home. I thought it was nice, I cried when I found out about it. The dogs and cats have, for the most part, cast their fates to the humans, and as we’ve seen, that’s not always a good thing.

PJ (Kelly)

In the good news section, we have Fufu, now known as Lia, is still doing great. Kango, aka, Ray Charles, is also having a ball, Scott has some video of him zooming around his back yard. He’s the one that is losing his eyesight, but found some beautiful people to take him in. Frozen, now known as Lola, is also lovin’ her new digs with Frank and Irene. During a passing severe thunderstorm, she tried to hide in the refrigerator, which they said was hilarious to see. Yes, she survived. So, the recent adoptees and their adopters are doing excellent as it stands. We’ve got two new returns and two new arrivals. I always push and like to see the returnees get rehomed as soon as possible, especially the older ones, so keep Kelly, Jagger, and Logan in mind, they’ve already got a taste of the good life and I’m sure they’re wondering when they can go back to a real home. We have one girl, Stormy, she is a bundle of joy and energy, check out the website for more information on any and all of our inmates, or you can call Michelle or Jerry for any and all information and any questions you might have. As always, I definitely recommend you to check out Scott’s blog, ‘Dusty and Me’, he does it several times a week, usually, and has information and pictures and video and stories about all the goings on in the kennel. It’s fun, informative, and more updated than my blog. Good God Gertrude. I think I can personally debunk the myth about yogurt being a good solution for greyhound gas. Wow, our walls are sweating and my vision is even more blurred than it was. I can’t even verify which one is doing it. Maybe I don’t want to know anyway. Ok, that’s it for this week, have a greyt week, keep your hounds safe, and don’t bite anyone.

Animal Adoption Fair