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John’s Happy Tales Report
8/1/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


We welcome August with a couple reviews and a couple new arrivals, as it’s been a quiet week for us for the most part. Maggie, our eleven-year-old three-peat, who keeps outliving her humans is still doing great with her new siblings Cassie and Smidgen, the chihuahuas, and Zoe the greyhound and human Shawn, they are all one big (and small) happy family except for one meal malpractice, which was straightened out almost before it happened. Taylor, now known as Pharaoh, our white guy with the broken leg, has mastered his new home environment, including the stairs, which were a challenge at first, but even his leg hasn’t slowed him down any lately. He has a beautiful new sister, Bailey, who has helped him greatly in his adjustment to his new home. You can see and read about these hounds in Scott’s blog, Dusty and Me, he does a thorough job of covering our kennel on an almost daily basis, and I give him a little plug every chance I get.


We also have some new arrivals at the kennel. Kelly was the first to arrive, she’s a sleek, black girl who just retired with a broken leg. She has already been to the doctor’s and is expected to make a full recovery with her leg, so that’s good news. It doesn’t really matter too much; broken parts do not diminish a dog’s capability to be an excellent pet. Kelly is just a kid, she isn’t even two years old yet, so if you’re looking for young and beautiful, she fits the bill. Kal just came in, he’s three year’s old and has a great personality. Hawk is the third arrival from Wednesday night, he’s black and white, so, as Scott suggested, maybe they ran out of paint before they finished him, as he’s the only non-black we have at the moment.

We are a little late this week, one of us forgot that yesterday was Monday, so we have some updated material. Kelly already has an application, so that didn’t take long, if it all goes through. Fufu and Frozen have already met some people and are being considered for the big move. They are checking their complex and making sure that they are allowed to have a large dog, which is good, we appreciate that because sometimes people discover too late that large dogs aren’t allowed, so it’s great when potential adopters do their part in the adoption process. So, as we enter August, life moves on, the dogs come and the dogs go, which is exactly what we are there for. As always, and we can’t say it too often as far as I’m concerned, thanks to all our FoG community for the fabulous support that you’ve given us over the years, both our old timers and the newbies to the experience of loving and caring for these special animals. Have a greyt week, remember, it’s August, and hot as hell usually, so keep the boys and girls hydrated and cool. And don’t bite anyone.

A Photo That Will Give You The Willies! — Dr. Willie and Willy