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John’s Happy Tales Report
7/27/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel Including An Interview With Buster And Possible Gathering Of Hounds On Sunday, August 9th.

July has come and gone, birthdays are over, Paul, (my youngest son, not greyhound) lost in the quarterfinals in Battlebots, that’s over, so I can concentrate on our fabulous greyhounds again. I have heard through the mango vine that the powers that be are hoping to have a little gathering early next month. I’m going to print it verbatim so I don’t mess anything up.

Today we went to Flamingo Road Nursery and I think we’ve found a neat place for us to meet up once in a while. It is at 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie which is just South of 595, west side of the road. It is huge so it’s hard to miss. They have a big covered area with some tables and whatnot and a small BBQ stand. There’s room for a bunch of us to gather. Lots of parking and you can wander the grounds, check out the little “farmer’s market” and look at lots of plants, fountains and wind chimes! The dogs can’t go off leash but there’s room for us to visit and have a reasonably priced lunch. We’re thinking of Sunday, August 9th, 10 to 2pm. Spread the word!!



That’s from Michelle and it sounds like a good idea. It will be a gathering only, no wild chases or games of tag, the dogs must be on a leash, but it still sounds like a nice way to get together with a little bit of stuff to do on the side, including food, which is always of interest to me. Hopefully we will have it on the website shortly, but if you have any questions about it, feel free to contact Michelle.

Our Vice President has been working doggedly on the Memorial Project, and it is nearing completion of the initial phase. Fred Weatherbee will be our first human to be interned and there will be probably close to a couple dozen of our departed hounds going in also. There will be more details on the service from Michelle on the website, or, as always, you can call her. Fred will be in the big book with a nice little write up by his sister Carole. The other greyhounds will also be in the big book, along with a picture if available, and a brief word about them. We will try not to let any of our ‘greys’ pass from this earth without at the very least, acknowledging them and that they graced this earth no matter if they were a loving pet, or whatever circumstances they left us, knowing that someone cared about them and tried to give them the life of a loved pet that each and every one of them deserve.

Mr. Gee

Mr. Gee

On the home front, Wednesday was delivered to her new real home and is settling in to her new house and humans. She remains a true black beauty and best wishes for her and her humans in the years to come. In her place a new boy is coming in and there are others in waiting, so if you are able to foster a greyhound, you may want to talk to Michelle or Jerry, the kennel is full, there is no room at the inn and fostering, a very rare event in FOG history, is a possibility, if you are one of those fostering kinds of people. Included in the foster-child group is Fang, aka Elvis, a very young greyhound puppy wannabe. He is currently hanging out in the Michelle adobe but there have been rumors that he is available for fostering for someone with a nice yard and liking for puppy age dog mischief. He’s beautiful, a real puppy, but not quite ready for prime time with the older dogs in Michelle’s house. We’re still awaiting tests to see if he is a real greyhound, but he will be available for adoption in any case, so those of you who are young at heart might want to check him out, he’s young, free spirited, and gorgeous. With Wednesday delivered, that leaves us with eleven dogs. Unlike last week, I have the current current list this week and I counted one more total than both my hands together, which should be eleven, including three being fostered and hopefully more to come in if we get more foster parents involved.

Bruiser/ Sav's Stinger

Bruiser / Sav’s Stinger

I got to do an interview with Bruiser this morning. It was a one way conversation, the Bruise doesn’t like to speak over the phone, and since he doesn’t even have one, I couldn’t call him anyway. BUT, I did speak to his agent, we’ll call her MW, since I don’t have enough space to write Michelle Weaver her, due to time and space constraints. I learned a lot about him. Bruiser is the only fawn dog we have at this time. He volunteered to go to our biweekly meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket on E. Sunrise Blvd. last Saturday, because the original participant had an appointment with his hair stylist, or maybe an appointment with a potential adopter, anyway, something like that, and Bruise was a last minute replacement. He spent the afternoon with Michelle and he either spilled his guts completely or maybe she already knew some of the information. As previously stated, he’s the only fawn boy we have. He’s seven years old and has some nicks and scars from his younger racing days. He thinks that may be hindering his adoption chances, so he wants me to set the record straight, and I will be glad to. Don’t think that middle aged dogs with scars do not make loving pets. I have one named Diffy and he is fabulous. I also know a fawn greyhound named Scar, who had a large wide scar all the way across his back from an injury received when he was a puppy. You can ask Johnathan about him, adopting him was one of the best things he ever did. Back to Bruiser, he was in a home previously, they kept bringing in more people and he was eventually left out. Their loss could be your gain; this guy is sweet, quiet, and gentle, gets along with everyone, even cats. No doubt he is housebroken, so check him out if you can, he deserves a good home, he might just be the best dog that ever happened to you.

So, many things going on, some up in the air, some nearing completion, others finished. We have about a dozen great dogs available for adoption, a large variety in color, age, personality, just not a lot of girls, which may change shortly. There’s a good chance that we can even bring a dog or two to your house to meet in person and see how they react to your own home and family, that’s something that’s not offered very many places, but as long as we are still operating on a smaller scale, we can do that. Have a greyt week, and it’s still summer, please; don’t leave anyone in a car with the windows up, that includes kids too. It’s embarrassing to have to keep posting it but incidents still happen, so keep your eyes and ears open.