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John’s Happy Tales Report
7/24/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


The Scouts and Hounds Potluck Dinner is now current events. It wasn’t quite the now legendary Dinner with the Dogs at the Country Club, but it was a very nice affair with plenty of good food and great people. We shared the hall with the Girl Scouts and I think everyone had a greyt evening. Our thanks to everyone who attended and helped make it the success that it was, and more importantly, or just as important, it was fun to see all our old friends and get together again. Thank you, Maurice, for a splendid table, and everyone else who contributed to the banquet, even the dogs got to party with their buffet, which was raided by a couple humans. The winner of the fifty/fifty drawing graciously donated her winnings back to our kennel, which assured us a successful night financially also. You can check Scott’s blog, he has a lot of coverage and pictures.


We have had a lot of activity this past week as far as the inmates are concerned also. Mattie and Boogie are already delivered and in their new homes and you can also check that out on Scott’s blog, Dusty and Me. Congratulations to both Mattie and Boogie and their new families and we wish them all many years of love, happiness, and good health. Dee Dee, our senior girl, went to visit long time adopter Shawn Campana, who also has another hound and a cat. Ms. D. walked right in like she belonged there and she now lives there, so best wishes for her and her new family also.


On the flip side of the coin, we now have four black girls in the kennel. One more and we’ll have a flush. Kelly has just retired. She broke her leg a couple days ago, but since we got her very quickly, she has already been to the Vet, got her leg set and a full recovery is anticipated. The faster the dog gets their leg set after the break, the better the recovery usually is. Thank you Dr. Ansara for taking care of her so quickly. So, Kelly joins Fufu, Stormy, and Frozen as the four sleek black girls currently available. Not often that we have a glut of girls in the kennel, albeit a small glut, relatively speaking, as opposed to the old days with fifty plus dogs in the kennel. We may be somewhat downsized, but we’re getting it done on a weekly basis. Logan is currently the only boy, but we’re expecting possibly two new arrivals this Wednesday.

Ok, so we had fun last Thursday, hopefully, no one went home hungry, including the dogs, got to see and enjoy some time with old friends, picked up a couple bucks for the inmates, and we’re now looking forward to the next one. August is almost here, summer is at least half over and I’m looking forward to the bar b ques at the Flamingo Road Nursery. Once again, thank you all for your support, last week and throughout the years, our hounds are special as is our hound community and I’m proud to be a part of helping these beautiful animals get a chance at a real dog’s life. If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, don’t hesitate to contact us, either by phone, email, or through the website. Michelle has all the up to the minute information on who’s available and can answer any questions you have. For a little insight into the daily and up-close life of our kennel and the inmates, check out Scott’s blog, Dusty and Me, which he usually posts several times a week, it’s informative, fun, has pictures, and has up to date information on our incoming and outgoing fourlegs. Have a greyt week, keep your hounds hydrated and cool, and don’t bite anyone.