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John’s Happy Tales Report
7/10/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Happy July to one and all, it’s good to be back, I was released back into the wild just last Thursday after a very entertaining two weeks of hospital and rehab facility. It’s times like this that I appreciate all the support we have here in the FoG Kennel. Captain Jerry B. and Michelle have filled in the holes as well as Mr. Scott of Dusty and Me, so most of the neat information has been covered. This is a good thing because currently I cannot sit in one spot for very long, as it is very uncomfortable, so I will suggest you do what I did, check out our home page and Scott’s Blog and you will be caught up on all the happenings in the FoG Kennel that are fit to print.


I know that Casey now has a home with a private mom all to herself. He was the shyest dog we’ve seen in a long time, but all he needed was a doting human to give him all the attention he could handle, and that’s just what he got, so we’re happy to report that they are doing just fine. Clifford, the big red dog, is gone already. He spent eight days in the kennel, less time than I had to put in at rehab, and he was scooped up and is doing fine with his new family. Maggie, the senior girl who’s human passed away, is doing great in her new home, she is eating well, gaining weight, and is roaching already. Along with Casey, Stormy and Annie are also already in their new homes. It has been a busy couple of weeks, with these results I’d almost be tempted to replace my knee every couple of weeks if it meant moving this many dogs. No, just kidding, twice is enough for anyone. In any case, we’re having a very active summer so far.


Dinner with the Dogs is the next item up. We’re still on schedule for Thursday evening, July 20th, all the information is on the website, but basically, it’s an excuse for us to get together with our people during the summer, but inside where it’s nice and cool. Maurice will be supplying the main course and you are welcome to bring any special dish that you’d like to share. In our case, it’s mostly desserts, and our contribution will either be the famous derby pie, which is a large chocolate chip type thing, or the chocolate chip cookies, or maybe both. It’s requested that you RSVP to Michelle, once again, all the information is on the website, or you should have even received a flyer. Please come out and bring some food, we’ll be sharing the hall with a nice Girl Scout Troop, and there will even be a buffet for the hounds.

We had some very interested parties visit the kennel this past week, but no apps have been filed. We currently have eight hounds available, four girls and four boys. I will try to expand on that next week, or you can check Scott’s Blog, he will undoubtedly have some information, or for the final word, check with Michelle or Jerry at the kennel. I am finished, actually, my knee is finished for tonight, so the keyboard will be closing. Thank you again Michelle and Jerry B. for covering for me during this pain in the knee period, and don’t forget Scott, he’s posting several times a week, he’s a greyt read, and he has pictures and updates to boot. Have a greyt week, please try to make it to the Dinner with the Dogs, it’s a Thursday in the middle of summer, what else do you have to do that would be more fun. Plenty of food, plenty of hounds, and of course, the irresistible staff of the FoG Kennel, and our mainstay, our fabulous greyhound community, unlike any other.

Scouts & Hounds Potluck Dinner

Thursday, July 20th, 6:30-9:30 PM
At the Hollywood Jaycees Hall
Click Here For All Of The Details.
Greyhounds Welcome (One leashed dog per person, please.)