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John’s Happy Tales Report
6/5/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Fuzzys Bob Dylan

Greetings, there’s slim pickings this week, but one tidbit makes up for it a thousand times over in my wittle bb-brain. Kango has a home. A real home, with human family and siblings and even a hound brother. The Kango project was taken on by humans Rick and Janine and their daughters Kat and Samm. They already have Bullet, adopted from us in March of 2016, so what some thought of as impossible, has happened. Kango will be residing in a home down in Cutler Bay very shortly, and from what I’ve seen and heard, he is one lucky dog. As with all the special needs dogs, Kango’s adoption fee has been waived and FoG will take care of all his prescribed medications. It looks pretty good from here, and whether or not it works out, as nothing in life is guaranteed, these people will be in my heart and prayers for the rest of my life for just having the heart to give it a try. Special people they are, and as I’ve often said, they are out there, they just have to be found, and what a beautiful example to set for your children, and today’s kids desperately need some real role models to follow besides the garbage that is promoted in today’s media. Ok, we got the editorial and human-interest items out of the way pretty quick.


A quick thank you to Leslie Glynn, she is making sure all our adopted dogs are marked on Greyhound Data, that way, if one gets lost and is found, they can call and notify us and we can help get them back home. As Michelle says, or maybe, doesn’t say, ‘Tattoos are Forever’. We’re also getting notices that the dog flu has returned to some of the states, including Florida. At the moment, it’s only in the panhandle and is considered a low-level outbreak, but keep updated on it, and if it spreads down here we will be posting news about it and how to avoid it. Don’t panic yet, but keep your ears up and your dewclaws crossed. Eyes are optional.


We currently have five adoptables in the kennel. Stormy is our three-year-old lady in waiting. At the moment, our only girl. Beautiful, shiny, happy, and full of fun, she loves to run, but only for a moment or two, then it’s back to the couch. Her only drawback is she flunked the cat test, so those of you with felines in your house, you will probably have to pass on her. Taylor is a beautiful white guy, ran 27 races, got bumped on the 28th and injured his leg. He’s now rehabbing and won’t run again with the big boys, but he will be an excellent pet and will still outrun anyone in the neighborhood with ease when he gets completely healed. Casey may or may not be a special needs dog now. He came into the kennel, totally introverted and shy. He took up helping Kango through his medical eyesight problems, became sort of his big brother and spent many hours in the kennel talking to Kango and eventually brought him out of his funk. Now that Kango has been adopted, Casey has shown dramatic signs of improvement himself and has made great strides in improving his self-esteem and self-confidence. He’s still kind of shy, but will be a dedicated and loving companion for some lucky adopter. Michelle has all the up to the minute data on all our dogs and will be glad to answer your questions about any of them, and will even make an appointment for you to meet them at the kennel or even at your adobe, at your convenience even. Fuzzy has just entered our kennel. He is an alumnus, and has just been returned. I don’t have the details on his reason for return as of yet, but you can also find out all about him by contacting us. Whenever a dog is returned we request that the owner or family write us a paper that describes the returnee, the good, the bad, the ugly, the wonderful, any and everything that will help them in their search for their next home. Most of the time it’s not the dog’s fault, but we still want an honest statement that will help him find his real forever home. That’s the current line-up and as always, there’s some waiting in the wings to come in and some may go out by next Monday.

That’s all folks, the FoG kennel gospel for the first week in June, according to John. We have a neat little blog that comes out several times a week, if not daily, by Scott, one of our dedicated volunteers, who has nice stories about his adventures with his girl Dusty, and lots of nuggets about our kennel, as he visits several times a week to do volunteer work and visit the inmates. A lot of his work has nice photos as well as information on upcoming events, our gatherings and the meet and greets at the Boca Pet Supermarket. The latest has a nice picture of Kango with his new human and brother, it’s an easy read and very entertaining. Have a greyt week, watch out for the ankle biters that come out of nowhere, and don’t bite anyone.