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John’s Happy Tales Report
6/1/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel And Sometimes From A Lake Party.

I have heard no report on adoptions or new arrivals, so as of the moment, all is quiet on the adoption front at FoG and the past weekend belongs to the Lake Party that was held on Sunday afternoon.

P1050054Although we have some pictures of dogs on the ground, I know for sure that some of them were when Dr. Willie was examining them, and Rainey doesn’t count because she’s always horizontal for some reason. Reminds me of myself. I heard no reports of any injuries, drownings, or escapes, so I am happy to report, at least in my mind, it was a very successful event. There were a couple of interesting moments, however, one being when one of the smarter element discovered that although there was a fence barrier that prevented you from going to the other half of the park, it could be circumvented by walking in the water around it, and of course a few of them did just that. I don’t know who the leader was, but we had a group scurrying after them and they were rounded up and herded back to the legal area of partying before they could get away and have fun in the unpromised land. Then there was the mass exodus off of the dock. Don’t know if it was two legged incited or one of the crazy four legs that started it, but a small group of the adventurous ran off the end of the dock yelling ‘Geronimo’ in Greyspeak. They all managed to swim to shallow water, one straggler seemed to be paddling and going nowhere so Ms. Amber jumped in and made sure whoever it was made it back safely. It was a very enjoyable two hours but I spent too much time sitting on the cement watching the water and trying to make sure no little heads disappeared under the water and didn’t come right back up. The greys all seemed to have had a greyt time, but I still prefer a place like the Quiet Waters Park, where the water is about two feet deep. I’ll take the skinned up legs and butts for the comfort of not worrying if anyone drowns or runs away.

P1050047There were over forty greyhounds that I counted, Lynne, our collar lady was there and it seemed there was always someone over investigating her merchandise. No cooking allowed but a lot of people brought snacks and sandwiches and those smarter than me also brought chairs. I did manage to bring a towel to sit on this time, but every time I did get up, one of my wet four legged friends managed to hold it down for me until I returned. As previously stated, I think the greys had a greyt time, but it was really nice to see all of the old group together and catch up on what’s been happening with each other, naturally some good and some bad, but really nice to see everyone. We had some new people also, and I even got to meet a couple of Galgos from Spain. They are cousins of our greys, and to me they just look like our smaller sized girls, but I found out from their rescuer, that they are a little bit different in personality than our greys. Diane or Diana, I think, messed up her name already, and I know she’s from Philly, but would like to tell her it was nice to meet her and her troops and welcome her to our group, in case no one else did, some of us may be a little rowdy, but we’ve rescued over nineteen hundred dogs so far, so what we lack in charisma, we make up for in productivity. I think I can safely say that almost four dozen local greyhounds slept well on Sunday night, as did many of the owners who didn’t go home and take an afternoon nap. From the looks and reactions of some of the dogs, it could have been their first experience in a lake or pool and it was fun to watch. So hopefully we can get together again, it was fun, and even being the middle of the day, the water was beautiful, we had some shade, and there was a decent breeze. Hopefully we can get some of you to write or contact us if you have a location that’s even better for a party, and we can check it out, we want a place that’s fun, inexpensive, and most importantly safe for all attendees, so if you think you know of one, let us know. I took about two hundred photos myself and I’m sure a lot of other people did. I can’t speak for everyone, but if you are interested in mine, I have them posted on dropbox, all I need is your email address and I can send you an invitation for the link and you can check them out and download them if there’s any of your pet that you might like. What I lack in quality, I made up for in quantity, but there are a couple decent shots, so if you contact us, and will give your email or get it to me, I will be glad to send you the link. If you wish to share any pictures on our website I think you can, or may have to notify Lelys? I am totally pc and Facebook ignorant, I thought I posted a test photo on FoG Facebook, but it didn’t show up, so you may have to go through Lelys or Michelle. In any case, for all and any questions you can always contact Michelle or Jerry. They may not have the answer you want or like, but they usually have the answer one way or another. Ok, that dominates the FoG news for this past week, next week is another story. Hope everyone had a nice day, the hounds had fun and weren’t too worn out, and we can do it a little more often. Next week is another week, stay safe and don’t leave your dogs in the car and be alert when you’re out, the life you save may be someone else’s.

Oh, by the way, our thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us, and a special thanks to Beth for setting this up for us and also Dr. Willie for joining us, and answering more than a few health related inquiries about our greys.