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John’s Happy Tales Report
6/11/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


We’re hitting the keyboard a little early this week mainly because I have what could be a nice little story almost ready to go. Today Michelle took in a tiny, skinny little girl called Maggie. Her racing name was WW’s Drag Strip, and she was retired and came to us after only sixty professional races. She must be a good looking little girl, she was adopted out within ten days, back in January of 2013. Maggie was her Mama’s dog, she lived for her and snuggled with her every night. But Maggie’s Mama just passed away. So Maggie just arrived back in the kennel. I don’t know the exact circumstances, but it’s for sure that dad can’t take care of her by himself, so he brought her back to us. The problem here is that she is very uncomfortable at the kennel. She is a small girl, a little underweight, most likely from the recent stress, but she is cat tolerant and Michelle would really like to get her back into a real home environment as soon as possible. Where this becomes a nice little story is when someone see’s this and decides they have room to take this girl in and let her continue her retirement in a loving home, like she’s been accustomed to for the past four years. Yes, another greyhound needs to be rehomed through no fault of their own, and it’s tough because they don’t understand anything but the hurt of losing their home. Maggie will be seven on July 3rd, if we can find her a new home by then, she will really have a great reason to celebrate her seventh birthday. Remember, she’s got all the experience of a seasoned veteran, all she needs is some TLC and as soon as possible. If you can open up your heart to this girl, remember, previous FoG owners get a free home trial, you can see how she works with you without obligation, or if you know someone who is looking for a mature, loving companion, not a crazy youngster, have them contact us, I am pretty sure that Michelle can even arrange a visit to their house. I love them all, and they all deserve a loving forever home, but I have a big soft spot in my heart for the special needs and the returned dogs. The word is out, so keep Maggie in mind, even if you can’t take on another one yourself at the moment, you might know someone that she would fit in perfectly with, they are out there, all we have to do is find them.


The Pet Supermarket meet and greet in Boca yesterday was a bust, no adoptions. Annie and Stormy were there, got some interest, but received no apps so far. The Boca store does not do the dog food collection for us like the store on Sunrise did, claiming that it’s too complicated to explain to the customers. Don’t know if I’m supposed to write this or not, but it will disappear if not, anyway, the point being that not all Pet Supermarkets are created equal, and it’s a shame that they don’t participate because we need all the help, especially food, that we can get.

No dog adoptions this past week and no additions, but we have some waiting in the wings, so if anyone is thinking about adopting, come on in, or contact us, now is a good time to help us make some more room for incoming.

We’re working on a gathering event, indoors, for around July 20th, which is a Thursday. Don’t have all the pieces yet, but it will involve Girl Scouts, Troop #10105 out of Hollywood, to be exact. Hopefully by next week we will have all the details, but we will have pot luck dinner, indoors, air conditioned, well behaved greyhounds on leash and well-behaved Girl Scouts, leash not required, are welcome, at Hollywood Jaycee’s Hall. The girls are working with the Florida Wildlife Care Center, and will be raising funds for them. We’re working on a joint dinner and fundraiser, possibly raffles, rummage sales, so stay tuned here, or to the website, and probably Dusty and Me’s Blog for more information. That’s about it for this week, don’t forget Maggie, Michelle hopes to have some pictures of her up also, so check the website or Scott’s Dusty and Me Blog, because he will probably come up with some pictures on his site for sure. Have a greyt week, keep your animals cool, and don’t lose yours and bite anyone. No teeth, no suit I sometimes, but not very often say.

Annie & Stormy at Pet Supermarket