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John’s Happy Tales Report
5/8/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


After a busy week or two of adoptions, we are happy to report that we again have a full house of adoptables at the kennel, and they are all ready, willing, and able to go to their forever homes. With bags packed, smiles on their faces in eager anticipation, and a heart full of love, they are waiting for someone like you to come and take them away from the unexciting life of staying with Michelle and Jerry. Not that Michelle and Jerry are bad, but a kennel is not a home and a home is not a moose. Nine dogs are on the roster currently, but only one is a girl. Stormy is a black three-year-old girl, and she is a little doll. The rest of the kennel is all boys. Herman and Buford are three-year-old brothers, just arrived. Herman is white with brindle markings and Buford is a beautiful fawn brindle, sort of a coffee and cream swirl. These boys are brothers, they can go out separately, but they can also go to a home as a dynamic duo together. Savvy is a dark fawn, and Taylor is a white 2-year-old. They are both fresh arrivals and Taylor had a leg injury which ended his racing career, but won’t affect his retired career. Kango is a special needs dog, Casey is not yet two years old and is very shy. Domino is our only other black dog at the moment, three years old, and Posey is a small brindle male, also three years old. You can get the profile of any or all of them on our website and if you contact Michelle or Jerry, they can probably arrange for you to meet any or all of them, at your convenience. We have very flexible visiting hours, and we might even be able to bring one or two to your home if you live close enough and want to meet them on your turf, or if you have another animal sharing your house with you, we can see how they react to each other. just contact Michelle or Jerry. You can even check Scott’s blog, Dusty and Me, he would probably be able to give you some information on them, as he sees them usually several times a week, so he also knows most of them pretty well.


We did a meet and greet at the Boca Pet Supermarket last Sunday. Stormy and Herman made the trip and had a greyt time meeting all the customers. Our old friends Barbara and Scott Chapman stopped by for a visit. We love seeing our alumni, and their humans, and catching up with them on the news. We also made a bunch of new friends, and as always, the hounds drew a crowd and we were borderline blocking the aisle, but the Pet Supermarket people always treat us well and make us feel at home, so the event was a success and we made a lot of new friends. We even got some food and four big squeaky toys were donated to us, so a good time was had by all.


We are trying to put together a couple more gatherings before the summer heat really sets in. So far, a possible gathering at Showman’s Hall, with maybe a Sunday brunch/pot luck type of deal. If you have a suggestion for a place, let us know, contact Michelle or Jerry, especially if it’s a place where the hounds can get out of the heat. We can keep in touch with you if you are on our mailing list. If you are not, or you’re not sure if you are or not, you can just go to our home page, in the left column there’s a yellow box that says ‘keep in touch’, that will put you on the mailing list. Even if you aren’t sure you can fill it out, we’d rather delete a duplicate than miss out on someone, so when in doubt, fill it out.

Congratulations to Pat Nolan and his wife Nubia, they are expecting their first child in August. Pat held a special lecture at his Yoga studio and donated the proceeds to Friends of Greyhounds. He also helped us in fostering when we needed a hand last year, so thank you for all your support, it’s greytly appreciated by all of us here at the kennel. Ok, I think that just about covers all the news that’s fit to print for the past week. Don’t forget to check Scott’s blog, ‘Dusty and Me’, it’s a short fun read, and Scott covers the information about his girl Dusty and the news of the kennel on a daily basis, with pictures and information from our alumni as well as the current inmates. Check it out. Thank you all again for your support over the years, we love all our hounds and the humans they live with, we are truly a special community filled with loving animals and caring people. Have a greyt week, remember that it’s getting hotter, so get into your summer routine and beware of the heat, it does kill. Have a greyt week and don’t bite anyone.

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  1. Janelle says:

    Wow! They are beautiful! Highly recommend to anybody that is reading this blog and is thinking of adopting a greyhound to reach out to Friends of Greyhound. You will fall in love! We couldn’t be happier. We are in love with our Randy. Greyhounds are beyond special.