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John’s Happy Tales Report
5/1/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


April went out with plenty of action for the FoG kennelites. I was just checking Scott’s Dusty and Me blog and there’s a nice picture of Randy and his beautiful new sister out in his new back yard. It looks like Randy hit the jackpot, beautiful people, beautiful lakefront view and his own personal bedroom once he masters the art of the stairs. Ringo was delivered today and we also have a great picture of him, which will probably make my blog if the picture is printable. He is also working on his staircase skills, as we have had a run on adoptions to people with multi floor levels. So, yes, they do adapt to stairs, sometimes it takes a little work, but most of them master it sooner or later, so if you have been considering a greyhound but have been a little hesitant because you have an upstairs, don’t let that stop you, and, in many cases, you can arrange for us to bring a dog or two out to your adobe to see how they react to your home. Doc was also delivered today, and he has a brand new friend already. He has befriended the 17-year-old cat that was already a resident, so he has started off on the right foot. Ralph also went out to a home in Homestead. The McKees were one of FoG’s first volunteers from way back when, so we know Ralph is also going to do well. As always, we want to wish all the adopters and adoptees the best with many years of happiness, love, and good health.


With all this action, we even added some high school volunteers. Just like in the old kennel days, we always need help around the kennel and the kids can get their community hours covered by working at our kennel. For those who love animals and like to be around them, this is just the gig for you. If you are interested, just contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel and most likely they can accommodate you at the times you can be available. We also take adults that might have some spare time, but be careful, these animals can become addictive, and I use Scott and myself as examples.


With the departing of the boys, we have and will be having more new arrivals coming in. The newest arrivals are all three years old. One girl, Stormy, is a spirited and shiny little black girl. Posey is a handsome brindle boy, and I think his name will be changed. Posey doesn’t sound to masculine unless you’re talking about Buster Posey, stud catcher for the San Francisco Giants. Tomorrow, Michelle is heading north to pick up two new boys, so we’ll be having more information the next time, however, you just might pick up the scoop on them if you check Scott’s daily blog, Dusty and Me, he has been taking care of the daily stuff along with his adventures with his girl Dusty, so keep them in mind, it’s a short read and very entertaining, and it covers the daily news of the kennel on a daily basis. Yes, it’s usually the first thing I read when I check my emails each day. Ok, last but not least, last week we received a surprise donation that will cover the cost of materials needed for putting pavers along the run to facilitate the drainage. When it rains, as it does down here, certain parts of the dog’s outside recess area become somewhat muddy, so we can fix this with the pavers around the door. If you, or someone you know, who has experience with pavers, please contact Michelle or Jerry if you can help. We love our President Jerry, but don’t want to turn him loose out there by himself if we can help it. This month we have some meet and greets coming up, at Pet Supermarket, which is probably the thing Michelle forgot to tell me about, so check the website and I’m sure she’ll have it posted somewhere there. I do know it’s the Pet Supermarket in Boca, we did very well there last time, and we were very well treated and invited back, so check the website or contact Michelle, but there’s probably one coming up this weekend. Have a greyt week, thank you again for all your support, and don’t bite anyone.

Ringo enjoying the view from his new home.

Randy trying out his bed.