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John’s Happy Tales Report
4/24/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Greetings and salutations from the FoG kennel, rescue greyhound capitol of Sunrise. I am hooked on our new blog, compliments of Scott and Dusty, entitled Dusty and Me, which appears nearly every day and if the webmaster reads this, he will put the link here, (click here), or you can get it through the website. Scott is one of our very active volunteers and has taken up writing about life his adopted girl, Dusty, and what’s going on in and around the kennel from someone who is actually there every day. It’s informative, entertaining, and well written and gives you a glimpse of life with a greyhound and some up to the minute information on what’s going on in our kennel. I started my blog because Michelle was always behind, so I brought the events up to speed on a weekly basis, and Scott is taking it a step further and reporting it as it happens, so we are continually evolving to serve our fabulous adoptables even better as time moves ever forward. I have subscribed to his blog, so I am pretty much up to date and I look forward to that little email ‘Dusty and Me’ each day, so check it out.


My happiest note for the week is that Molly has been officially taken in by Beth and David Tattershall. Molly is a returned 11-year-old girl, and the seniors and returned hounds are always touted by myself because, like the black dogs, there’s just something about a black, returned, or senior dog, even though unjustified, that people seem to shy away from giving them a chance. So, I like to shout it from the housetops when one gets adopted. I’ve got three dogs, one black, all special needs because of injury, and one return, and they are all fabulous pets. Well, maybe Creepy isn’t perfect, he has the legendary greyhound gas, but they’re all fantastic dogs. So, Molly is out in a real home again, I know the adopters, that dog has it made in the shade. More good news, Doc is being considered, and by experienced greyhound owners, so we’re keeping our fingers and dewclaws crossed for him. Nadine is being delivered Tuesday I believe, she was our only girl, beautiful, cute, charming, and all of the above, and I knew she’d be gone in a moment, and she is. The former Lulu was seen at the Horses and Hounds and fallen in love with. She was adopted by a family, but had some ups and downs for a while. I think she changed her name, and one of our old reliables, Leslie Glenn, who is her Godmother, stepped in and helped them figure out the things they needed to change and the last I heard they were all doing better. Ralph, who has made a small career of being passed over, was not passed over this time and has gone to a home in SW Miami. Don’t know whether it was his acrobatic jumping ability or his nose that did it, but so far so good with him, not counting the stairs, still a little bit shaky on the stairs, but I think he’s there for the duration. So, God bless all the animals and the people that have taken them into their homes and hearts. We wish them all a long life together with happiness, good health, and all the love they can handle. It was a good week for the hounds. Stay tuned, I heard from my sources that there will be some new additions coming into the kennel very soon, if there is room. That’s a hint for Michelle, although she probably already knows. I think I am the one now that finds out everything last.

Last but definitely not least, the Pet Supermarket story. We did a meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket in Boca Raton. Randy and Doc went and Scott showed up with Dusty to make it a grand trifecta. Scott has the full story in his blog today, but it was a huge success, the people loved the hounds, got some good interest in adopting, the Supermarket staff was fabulous and treated us very well, were as helpful as could be, and we went home with a bunch of dog food, treats, and even some toys. We will be there again in May, on two Sundays, the 7th and 21st, so stop by if you can, we’d love to see you. Ok, I think I have most of it covered, and don’t forget to check out Scott’s blog, co-written by his girl Dusty, for up to the minute information on the kennel and what’s happening with Scott and his beautiful sidekick, Dusty. Have a greyt week and don’t bite anyone.