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John’s Happy Tales Report
4/17/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Greytings and Salukitations, hope you had a Happy Easter. The times, they are a changing. Gone are the old days when we used to have to park a block away from the church and there was standing room only if you got there later than a half hour before mass. None of those problems yesterday for sure. There were no neat gatherings to write about this past week, no meet and greets, just a regular week at the kennel, so we can get right down to the business of adopting greyhounds.


Nadine has just arrived in the kennel. Don’t think she will be here long, she’s the only girl in the kennel currently, won’t be here long methinks. All the cat testing has been done and Nadine has tested ok with cats. The tests are not guaranteed and many times what they test with us is not exactly the same as they test when they get to their home. If you have a feline friend that is planning to share his house with one of our greyhounds, you can arrange for us to visit your house and we can see how they react to each other on the cat’s home turf. We try to make sure no one ends up with ruffled feathers or fur when we test them, but it’s important to make sure they can live together happily. Doc has just arrived at the kennel also, I don’t know too much about him but he has just retired and I have heard he’s going to make someone a very happy pet owner, this coming from a very good friend of his who has known him for three years. Randy came in fresh from the race circuit, but surprisingly tested good with cats, so you just never know with these guys. Ralph, Kango, and Domino, on the other hand, are definitely not cat tolerant, that was well established. In the strange but true category, Ringo tested not tile tolerant. He was so afraid of the tile, that he didn’t bother with the cat. If you have tile floors, you may have to work with him to get him used to them, but on the other paw, if you have a cat, all he has to do is get on the tile and Ringo will not come near him. Not as strange as it seems, many of our alumni have begun their retirement careers afraid of tiles. It’s just like learning to ride a bike for us, once we learn, it becomes second nature, the same is true with the hounds, and they do the same with the tile too. Casey also did not test well. He is a special needs dog, he is afraid of everything and everyone, so he will need a special home too, one that can give him plenty of love and has the patience to give him confidence. He might do well in a home with other dogs that can show him a steady routine and show him that the world is not out to get him. Over the years, we have had several of these dogs and almost without exception they end up being a fabulous pet. It just takes getting the hound hooked up with the right family or owner.


On the bright side, PJ went to a new home last week with some adopters who have had previous greyhounds. I heard that he has the biggest yard ever and a fantastic family, so we wish them all many years of happiness, plenty of love, and good health. Ralph and his Roman nose are rumored to be in a new home soon, we’ll know more after next Saturday, so keep your fingers, toes, and dew claws crossed for him. While I’m thinking about it, the American Humane Association Hero Dog contest is still going, you can check it out on the website (click here). Our friend NY Vinny is in the competition and he’d appreciate your vote. You can vote daily and all the information is on our website. You can vote for him daily until May 3rd. One of our volunteers, Scott, has started a blog about his greyhound and their adventures together. Scott came in to volunteer, and like so many others, he got hooked on greyhounds, ended up adopting one and is now one of our ‘dependables’, or more likely, indispensables, at the kennel. Anyway, I am subscribed to his blog, I think you can get it through the website (click here), or contact Michelle and she can direct you to the link or his website. He also provides some inside information on our adoptables, since he does get to spend a lot of time around them, so it’s definitely a fun read, so check it out if you can. Also, although the kennel is greatly reduced in size compared to what it used to be, Michelle and Jerry can always use any and all volunteers. If you live in the area of Sunrise and you have kids that need community service time and love animals, it’s an excellent way to take care of that obligation. You can probably arrange the hours for your convenience, so it doesn’t get any easier than that. We used to have a bunch of kids back at the Hialeah kennel, and I’m sure they are still doing the same program. If you are an adult and have time to spare, you also are welcome. It worked for Scott, but beware, these animals can become addictive, I speak from personal experience on that. Ok, another week done gone, I think we covered most of it. Have a greyt rest of the week, don’t bite anyone, especially if they are smaller than you and yap at you a lot, because you know they will blame you and you might end up getting fumigated or something bad like that. Keep your hounds safe and cool, it’s starting to get a little warmer out.