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John’s Happy Tales Report
4/23/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

As we approach the end of April, the FoG kennel story may not be winding down completely but the activity is slow. The main news now is the proposed amendment that could eliminate dog racing, which has long been a tradition especially in Florida. Both sides of the pro/con racing groups can and have produced at least what they consider to be valid points to support their positions. I know people from both sides of the aisle who have passionate arguments. FoG kennel came into being because of dog racing. It’s my understanding that because of financial support and the threat of being cut off from acquiring the dogs, regardless of our own personal feelings, we have always had to maintain a neutral position between the pro racing and anti racing factions. I know that I was asked (rather strongly) not to express a position against or for racing; my job was to help find good homes for the retired racers and keep my mouth shut about the politics. Having found homes for over two thousand dogs over the years, FoG has gone above and beyond requirements and expectations in my opinion. Not all adoptions can end with everyone living happily ever after, but anyone who knows our operation, knows how strict Michelle is with finding quality homes for all the dogs, which included the sick, injured, old, young, abandoned, returned, mistreated, lost, ugly, as well as the perfect health, beautiful hounds which are the only ones some groups would even accept.

Any news that we receive, we will pass on to everyone. The amendment is still being interpreted as far as I know, but basically it states that the tracks can keep their casinos and card rooms and not have to run dogs any longer. There will be a bunch of false news and scare tactics out there no doubt. As with the old saying “If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t”, anything too ridiculously extreme probably is not true. Grey2K is not going to burn kennels; owners and breeders are not going to kill thousands of dogs. If this does happen, the FoG kennel plans to be a big part of placing the remaining retired greyhounds in homes. If there is a last minute panic, we are sure that every one of our followers and adopters will step forward to house a dog. And this is just in our community; there are several other groups in Florida as well as the rest of the country that are ready, willing and able to help. It is cheaper for the owners to give them away than to have them destroyed, so we are the cheaper option as well as the more socially acceptable.

So keep your eyes and ears tuned in, this will be a very significant year for the greyhound one way or another. May 2nd is FoG’s 17th birthday. Seventeen years and over two thousand adoptions, many happy tales, some sad, but overall it’s been a greyt ride. Now raining, soon to be followed by the heat, so remember to keep your hounds cool and hydrated. Also, make sure you and all your friends are signed up on our E-mail list so we can keep you informed. Have a greyt week, we will probably return in two weeks and bulletins will be on our website when we get important news.