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John’s Happy Tales Report
3/23/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel.



This week the tales will not only be mostly happy, but they will be few and far between. I have no news from the front, so we will go with a paw and a prayer. The annual Horses and Hounds highlights the coming weekend, that much I know for sure. It will be next Sunday and attend if you can unless you have no car and are incapacitated. All the information is on the website, but it will be a good time, including food, various auctions to raise some dough, a horse show, and more so come on out if you can, you will see a lot of your old friends, both two and four legged. We don’t get together as often as we used to, so a lot of us are looking forward to Sunday.

I see we have eight dogs available for adoption and there will most likely be at least a couple of them at the Horses and Hounds checking out humans and being checked out in return. They will be the ones wearing the leis, so it’s possible for you to go home with a great auction item or even a new greyhound. They all have their current profiles and all you need to do is contact Michelle or Jerry and they can arrange for you to meet them in person.

Although many people up north won’t agree, we have hit spring. Down here that means the weather will be getting hotter, so remember to keep your hounds hydrated, and don’t leave them locked in a hot car. Even a few minutes has proven fatal for some, so please think about that as the weather starts getting warmer. Ok, have a greyt week, stay cool, and don’t bite anyone.

You Are Invited to Horses & Hounds

Sunday, March 29, 2015, 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Hosted by Jane Bistline & Jeri Caprio
Sponsored by the Horses & Hounds Charitable Foundation
Click here for information, driving directions and more.