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John’s Happy Tales Report
3/20/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Molly (when she was 3 years old)

Spring has sprung and we’ve started the season with a delivery, an adoption, a return, and at least three new dogs coming into the kennel this week. Stay tuned and check in with the kennel during the week if you want to see who the new arrivals are. First on the list, Alex is back out with a new home. He will be living in Naples with his human mom and dad and two teenagers to play with in his new big, shady back yard. Best of luck to him and his new family, he deserves a good break and we all wish them many years of love, happiness, and good health. Miss Lulu, picked up an application at the gathering yesterday and will be going to her new humans on Thursday. She will have a mom and two sisters, ten and fourteen I think. They visited her at the gathering and I guess that was the seal on the deal. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, I think there will be enough love and happiness to go around for all concerned and we wish that new greyhound family the best and many years of love and good health. Also, at the gathering, we had one of our alumni surrendered back to us. Her name is Molly, she is eleven years old. They’ve had her since 2009, but can no longer take care of her. At eleven years old, we want to get her connected with a new home as soon as possible after she’s made her visit to the vet. She seems to be in good health and good spirits so far, so if anyone is interested in helping this senior lady finish out her remaining life with dignity in a loving home, please contact Michelle of Jerry at the kennel. We also have the previously mentioned three new dogs coming into the kennel this week. I have been asked to mention that there are fewer and fewer females being raced, and that means that fewer and fewer will be becoming available for adoption, so keep this in mind when you are looking, the supply of females will be dwindling, not only with us, but throughout the racing circuit. Also, keep in mind that the males are sweeter and lazier than the girls and make wonderful family members.


We will not be doing the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival this year, or the Renaissance either for that matter. Breaks my heart, but I will carry on the best I can. We did have a gathering for the hounds for the second Sunday in a row. It was down south this time, at the famous Dog Dude Ranch. Click here for all of the photos! Thank you very much Ms. Priscilla, and your family and the staff for hosting us and making it a great time for us and the hounds. Also, a special thank you to Marley, who is Priscilla’s dog and is apparently the canine supervisor. He was everywhere, making sure the hounds were having a good time and checking on us, mixing and mingling and managed to get along with all of them. It never ceases to amaze me that with as many dogs as we have at these things, there are very few arguments amongst the hounds. We had a large corral for the hounds to run wild, a nice covered area with seating and fans kept the cool air circulating, plenty of water was supplied and we even had our own water and cokes. We saw a bunch of old friends, as usual, both two and four legged. The facility is a dog boarding house, it’s beautiful and well kept, and would be a great place to board a greyhound if ever you need to. Click here to view the Dog Dude Ranch website. They are experienced with the hounds, Ms. Priscilla has three of her own, so you can be assured they will be well taken care of, so keep them in mind if you ever need a place for your hound to stay while you’re away. As for the great thundering herd of hounds pounding the ground, that didn’t quite happen. The weather was perfect, nice and cool, I released my Diffy, he hauled butt to the other end of the compound, took a dump, ran back, and that was pretty much it. Most of the hounds hung out on the east end with the humans. Every once in a while, one would take off running and a few others would go, but not quite the chaos that I’ve seen before. I did accomplish one thing, I got a bunch of the hounds to join me in a rooing session, not quite as rambunctious as some of the legendary hootenanny’s back in the kennel days, but it was still a decent effort by those who participated.


Now comes the fun part, naming names, which I still have not learned to facilitate by using a pencil and paper. First, thank you each and every one of you that did come out, we do appreciate it and I think the hounds enjoy it as much as we do. They are somewhat breed snobs, but generally get along with each other. I think we had over two dozen dogs at least. Diffy’s old girlfriend Rainey, was there. At first, he kind of ignored her, then after a while we saw them sitting together, butt to butt. Don’t know what that meant, kind of reminded me of the love bugs you see in the summer. Jerry B. was in attendance with Slinky, Scott was there with his beautiful little Dusty Barker. Elvis was in the building, as was Maurice and Hermes, and most everyone already knows, but again our sincerest condolences for his loss. Last week Draco passed away, he was eight years old, but did manage to find himself the best home in the world for the retired years he did have. Joyce V., Heather and her other hound showed up. It starts already, forgot the other one’s name. I did get to see Pete and Amy with Chance and the beautiful girl. I want to say Marcy, but I may be wrong. They were excellent volunteers, participated as a whole family, or at least two of the kids, if there were more, don’t know. I do know that they were the only volunteer family that I ever remember that had four dogs in the kennel with the first names of all the family. We had Pete, Amy, and the two kids. Yes, I forgot those names already. Dog crap, I’m missing more than I’m hitting here, it’s past deadline time, so I’d better keep what little dignity I have left and close this up. Thank you, south people, we finally got one close to you, and north people for making the trip. Leslie and her good looking black and white who flunked out of racing already were there, and congratulations on your retirement, there is life on the other side, actually, congratulations to both of you. I met Foxy, who has been battling nasal or snout cancer, and has taken a licking but is still ticking so far pretty good. Thank you, Charlotte, for bringing out Joan, was wondering how she’s been doing. The harder I try, the less I do, I can see the dogs and people but can’t put the names. Ok, that’s it for real, thank you all again, it’s really greyt to see you all, thank you again Priscilla, Marley, and your pack for making us able to make some more beautiful memories. Have a good week, don’t bite anyone, and my apologies to those I saw and now can’t name or remember, I will do better next time. Gives us an excuse to do it again soon.


  1. Jerry B says:

    Please read about adopting a greyhound here:

    When you are ready, call the phone number given in the information to make an appointment to see the dogs.

  2. Cheryl Kovacs says:

    I am interested in a female to adopt.