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John’s Happy Tales Report
3/5/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


This being the first week of March we will start from the middle and work towards the end. The collar project is still in operation, Michelle is working diligently, she received two packages back with address mistakes, so if anyone is expecting a package from us and hasn’t received it, please contact her, there might be a problem with the address. We’re also looking for a place for a nice gathering, we severely miss the One Last Cast BBQ arrangement at the Flamingo Road Nursery, and so if anyone has any ideas, please let us know. I have suggested the Beverly Hills Café in Broward, which we’ve done before, it is pretty decent, and I’ve since become semi addicted to their soups and teriyaki chicken appetizer, so I could handle going there one evening, they’ve always treated us very good.


We are now down to two dogs in the kennel. Molly Ringwald, I assume they are calling her Molly, but as you know, no name is ever etched in stone, almost all greyhounds will learn a new name as long as you have food or treat on your person when you use the preferred name three times in a row, I’ve got one that answers to all three other names if he thinks it will get him an extra morsel. Good golly, Ms. Molly is only two years old. She’s a bit shy, but has already hit the vets and is ready to go to her forever home. Molly is a blue fawn, which is kind of like a fawn with a blue fur coat over top. You should see her in the sun; this girl is as beautiful as she is sweet. Molly is looking for a home where she can feel secure, and she gets along with other dogs very well, which might also mean she would be compatible with cats. Last and certainly not least, although he must feel like it by now because he keeps getting passed over, we have Fella. This guy is lovable, has plenty of energy and loves people; he gets excited whenever he meets new humans. I know the dog, he will be a fine pet if someone would just give him a chance. He would love a fenced yard to run in and a bed to nap in, but most of all, he just wants a home.

Saving the best news of the week for last, our senior girl Sly has hit the jackpot. Now known as Sky, Sly has been adopted, officially as a foster dog, which enables us to help her with her medical bills if any problems arise, and now lives in Deerfield Beach with a bunch of humans and even a greyhound sister named Noel. Scott has it covered beautifully with pictures in his ‘Dusty and Me’ blog, so please check out this happy ending to a sometimes difficult adoption of a senior dog with some issues. It does happen and there are people out there willing to do what it takes. At the risk of being politically incorrect, God Bless you for taking this old girl into your home and hearts. Sly was not originally one of our dogs, but she is a greyhound and we were there for her when she needed us. Although we lack the quantity of hounds we used to have, we are still always there for them when they need help. That will be the happy note I can close on for this week. My Charlie just surgically removed his antibiotic pill from his marshmallow and left it on the floor for me. Charles can be a PITA on occasions even if he’s not a greyhound. Have a greyt week and keep your hounds safe. And give Fella a look, he really is a great dog.

President Jerry consulting with Chumley, Secretary of Hugs.