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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/6/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Not everything turns out as planned as we all know. Apologies to those who came to Woofstock and expected to find us there. We were there but we didn’t meet their ‘Insurance Requirements’ so we weren’t accepted, they neglected to tell us that, so we found out at the gate. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones, we had reports that there was only one group there and the rest was all businesses. We did have two families that tracked us down anyway and came to the kennel to check out hounds. Plenty of activity on Sunday as four families also came in to check out the inmates. I think we have four dogs at the moment, so wouldn’t it be nice if we emptied the kennel again. Much easier to do with ten dogs instead of fifty.

BB (Dexter)

In other news, we have the big yard sale coming up this weekend at the kennel I can guarantee you that we will be at this event for sure. The address is 2621 N.W. 105 lane, Sunrise, we’re on a main residential street so there’s no getting lost looking for us. The yard sale will be both Saturday and Sunday from 9 A.M. until 2 P.M., the weather forecast is looking in good. President Jerry has taken to the road, he’s going to be a pig in central Florida for the weekend, so Michelle will be glad to accept any offers for volunteer help for either day, both days, the whole five hours, or even a couple hours. If you are available, contact her or maybe even just show up, we’re usually pretty informal. There will be new items, old items, household items, collectibles, antiques, art work, a really nice poker table, and of course, plenty of stuff for dogs, big dogs, our dogs, little dogs, hot dogs, you name it. Books, beds, bowls, and more. Don’t know what kind of books dogs read, but come on out and see, it’s almost guaranteed that you will find something that you just can’t live without. She made me say that. Just kidding, but seriously, there will all kinds of ‘stuff’ and everything that leaves, gives us more room in storage and more cash to help out the inmates. President Jerry is not going to be a pig, he’s going to attend a HAM radio event in Orlando, just so that’s cleared up, I thought he was in some kind of play or something. Michelle might even put some of his neat stuff out for sale. Wouldn’t it be cool to have him come up to you one day and say something like ‘Hey, that’s a really nice (whatever), I have one just like it at home’ and only you and the shadow will know the truth. It should be fun in any case, and don’t forget, if you’re available, Ms. Michelle would be glad to have you drop in and help with the event, and our inmates will be forever grateful.


The following weekend, the 19th, we have the Annual Horses and Hounds, the pinnacle of our social season. Larry Warsh is doing our photos this year and there will be a horse and dog show to boot, you can check the website or flyer for details. There will also be a rabbi and priest available to bless your animals. They will be doing circumcisions also, this weekend special, half off. That’s not true but I had to write it, saw it in a Mel Brooks movie or somewhere, couldn’t resist using it here. I had another story about our church, when one priest was telling everyone to go see the other priest at the rectory and have their animals blessed. The other priest in the rectory was not too happy, it was his day off and he didn’t care for animals that much in the first place. I never knew priests got mad at each other and threatened each other. Learning experience for me, but funny.


Currently we have at least four dogs in the kennel that I know of. Annie and Ralph are packed and waiting to go to their forever homes. Hannah has just arrived and won’t be here long, she’s beautiful, loves and gets along with everyone and everything. BB King was out on a home trial, but his human got her work life totaled, so he’s back, and she’s unhappy, but,,,,, she loves him, he is now known as Dexter. He is a fabulous pet, already set in retired home life, has the system down pat, and you can come check him out, we also have a nice letter describing his habits and how nice he is. The dog comes with References. Don’t forget, you can check with Michelle any time in regards to available dogs, the ones I list are the ones that I know on Monday night. There are always comings and goings, so contacting the kennel is the best way to get the up to the minute news, and Michelle has been known to bring potential adoptees out to visit potential adopters at their house.

Ok, this looks to be about all of it, long, but some of it may be cut anyway, so we’ll go with what we have for now. Have a greyt week, don’t forget the big yard sale this weekend, and the Horses and Hounds the next weekend. Keep your hounds close and your treats closer.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY, FEB 11 & 12, 8 AM – 2 PM
Lots & lots of dog & pet supplies – beds, kennels, food bowls & stands, etc.
Plus household goods & hardware.
No clothes.
No early birds please.
2621 NW 105th Lane, Sunrise
(west of Nob Hill, between Sunset Strip & Sunrise Lakes)
Proceeds support Friends of Greyhounds.
A non-profit 501c3 greyhound rescue based in Sunrise.