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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/3/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And A Little Bit From The Great Sunday Gathering In Oakland Park.

P1040302Well, in the past week we’ve had a Superbowl, a Superbowl Sunday gathering, and a knee replacement preparation, but no greyhound adoptions that I know of. We currently have six very adoptable greyhounds available according to the latest glimpse at the Available section, and possibly a big white high spirited boy if he’s not currently in jail. For some, last Sunday will be remembered for the fantastic but strange ending to the championship game, which will be talked about for a long time. For others of us, it will be remembered for the gathering we had at the dog park in Oakland Park. What started as a couple people saying “Hey, let’s get together at the park on Sunday, we haven’t done that for quite a while and it would be greyt to see some of the old faces”. So, I believe Lelys and Slugbug initiated it, but when we got there at two o’clock, there were the early arrivals of what turned out to be probably at least two dozen of our alumni and friends. We even had a couple from California that had recently moved here with their greyhound Knuckles and a Whippet. Now I know what a greyhound takeover is. There was one immediate altercation, when a small French Poodle was grabbed and picked up, but the swift reaction of former kennel manager Chris prevented it from becoming what could have been a bad ending for the poodle. There was one slight altercation with humans as one of our people was set upon verbally by another breed dog owner. The other dog owner was drunk and rude and our representative was rude, so I guess it was an even trade off. I can’t help but think that we came off as being arrogant and ignorant as well as rude to some of the other breed owners, but that’s the way it looked I think, and that really is the opposite or most grey owners. My take from it was that we need and enjoy getting the animals together, but a public dog park probably isn’t going to work out, as other owners don’t realize that we have to have their dogs separated for their own safety, not ours. This was unfortunate because they were already there and it was, after all, a public park. After that four large German Shepherds came in and a little later a very large Rottie. I thought that none of that was going to end well, but they were very well behaved and got along with our group very well, so all’s well that ends well, it’s just that smaller dogs do not mix with a pack of twenty greyhounds that are energetic and already excited. The gathering indeed turned out very well though, so we have to work on having it again, and in a place where our four legs can run and play by themselves, like the Quiet Waters outing, without us worrying about other dogs getting hurt. So that was the big event for us, for the week. There are no new additions to the kennel and no departures that I know of.

P1040315The big news on the event list is we will be doing Ren-Fest this year. Starting next weekend, February 7th, we will be there for six weeks. We are not required to dress, so have no worries about that, and we are looking for volunteers for any and all weekends. It will be stag or drag, you can bring your greyhound or come alone because there will also be FOG dog adoptables in attendance. Call or email Michelle to volunteer, she will need to know how many humans, what hours, and if you are or are not bringing your dog. Remember, it starts this weekend. I love the Ren-Fest, my favorite event on the calendar. As fate would have it, I have successfully selected the exact six weeks in which to have my knee replaced and rehab. If I could pick six lotto numbers as good as that, I would have been a rich man. I can’t even begin to name all our friends and their humans, but I know I speak for Michelle and Jerry and Jerry B. and Chris and myself when I say thank you for coming out and it was truly greyt to see you. I shall return to the keyboard as soon as I am able, and meanwhile, I hope something happens that leaves me in the dust, like a nice donation that gets the new kennel started, or six dogs adopted while I was gone. In any case, as MacArthur said, “I shall return”, or maybe Arnold “I’ll be back”.

Volunteers Needed for Ren-Fest

FoG needs volunteers to meet and greet people at Ren-Fest.
Greyhounds are optional. We will have kennel dogs.
Call 954-937-9663 to volunteer.
For information about Ren-Fest click here.