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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/29/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel, Even In Leap Years.

Uno (Where's One Eye)

Uno (Where’s One Eye)

Check the date; you won’t see it again for four years, at least the February 29th part. It’s been a quiet week as far as news is concerned, at least with my sources. We have movement, which is the most important item. Seal and Duke both have applications and if all goes well, both will be going to their new homes on Wednesday. Seal is going to Cutler Bay with a nice family and two teenaged humans for sisters. Duke is furthering his education by going to live with a retired university professor in Oakland Park. As usual, we are keeping our paws and fingers crossed and wish both of them and their humans many years of love, happiness, and good health. I have inside information that two new adoptables have arrived or will be there by the time this is posted. One I do not know, but the other, I believe his name is Iron Man, is a white and brindle, handsome as can be, and will make a very good addition to any household, according to my inside information. As a racer, you wouldn’t want to bet on him, but as an excellent pet, he’s as close to a sure thing as you can get. As with all the inmates, you can contact the kennel for up to the moment news and they can give you all the information on any of our ‘people’.

Happy Harry

Happy Harry

We were at Pet Supermarket last weekend again, the one on E. Sunrise Blvd. As usual, we were well treated, got to meet a bunch of people from around the world as well as locals, and we picked up some donated grub and cash while we were at it. We won’t be there this weekend, something about Michelle is taking Jerry up to north Florida to feed him to the wolves or feed the wolves, some such. If we see Jerry next weekend, it was feed the wolves, if Jerry turns up missing, in may have been the former. March is about five hours away, and looming on the calendar horizon we have Horses and Hounds coming up as well as the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival. Pompano was my first meet and greet and I did it with Charlie the Indian, who actually was at the Pet Supermarket last weekend. I love Charlie, he’s looking greyt, a little older, but no wiser I’m afraid. We love it when the old alumni stop in and see us, or at the least, send an email or photo to let us know how they’re doing. Ok, I’ve done my best to make a mountain out of an anthill this week. We still have at least eight dogs in the kennel, or maybe not, every one that I see looks like he’s gone already except maybe Happy Harry, so, hopefully next week I will have an updated list to go with. Meanwhile, have a fabulous week, stay tuned for more, and keep an eye out for Jerry.