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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/27/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


February is one day away from being over, the first two months of 2017 has gone by in a blur, at least for us. Horses and Hounds was a huge success, the H&H Charitable Foundation raised $10,000 for FoG, I think another big thank you from us to all of you who helped make it the success that it was, and of course, our inmates, past, present, and future, thank you from the heart of their forever homes. Next Saturday we will do a check presentation and we’ll have some photos to go along with that next week also.


We are, at the moment, running low on dogs. There is only one girl, Emma, currently available. She’s a beautiful red brindle, just arrived and will be heading to the vet this week for her spaying. She will be available for adoption soon after next weekend I am guessing. We have four guys in the stable at the moment. Ralph is our senior boy, he needs to get a real home soon, he’s been waiting, bags packed, and just hasn’t picked up the right hookup yet. Kango very recently arrived. He may be related to Humpty Dumpty, he had a bad fall in his last race and has been recovering from that traumatic event, but still has an abundance of energy for a three-year-old. PJ is just in from the racing circuit, don’t know anything about him yet, except that he’s black and male. Casey has just arrived also, he is as big a chicken as he is large in size. He is afraid of his shadow. He will be considered a ‘special needs’ case, as he will require a human or family with a lot of patience and understanding. There are as many people out there like that, as there are dogs like that, so the only thing he needs is the right people to take him in. My Diffy was pretty much the same way, big scared-y cat and he is the best pet you could ask for. Causes no trouble, loves people, gets along with two siblings and two cats, I couldn’t ask for a better dog. Moose is also a new arrival. He’s barely two years old, red, smallish for a guy, very friendly and a little shy. I have inside information on him, he’s going to be an A+ companion for someone, one of those blue chip can’t miss prospects. We also have two more new people coming in on Friday, so if you’re looking or thinking about it, come on in to the kennel and check them out in person before they are listed.

Ok, that pretty much covers most of everything that I know of at least. A little helter-skelter this week, which happens from time to time. As far as I know, as a direct result from appearing at the Horses and Hounds last Sunday, Hannah and Carly have been delivered to their new forever homes and are doing good. Annie is also doing very well on her home trial, and according to our sources, has stolen the hearts their hearts totally and completely. Our best wishes for them and their new families for many loving years of happiness and good health, something we all need. Have a greyt week, and join us next week for more adventures from the FoG Kennel.