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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/25/15 Mostly Happy Tales And Knees From Inside And Around The Kennel.

P1040431Finally, I am so overjoyed to be able to continue the blog again. I admit most of the joy is from the fact that it means that I have finished the hospital and the rehab, and now I am back at home sweet home again. There’s definitely no place like home. Another month or two of therapy and my knee should be back in good shape. Did much better than anticipated and everyone is happy with results so far. Using a walker, but can walk on the knee solo, just don’t quite have the confidence in it. Still not ready to walk my boy Diffy, do the pool, or drive, but that will come eventually I hope with some good work.

It looks like the main news is the Ren-Fest, already three weekends in the books, Michelle covered that pretty good. My favorite event of the year, tons of people get to meet and talk to our hounds and I will miss most of it because they set my surgery back a month. The best laid plans of men and mice….. I already got a report that we even had a visit from a drunken mermaid, so you just never know who or what will show up at our booth. It is a greyt way to introduce our hounds to the public up close and personal. Hopefully the weather was decent and will continue to be. I never actually got outside so I missed the coldest day or days in the past four years. I was in perfect climate controlled comfort, but would have rather been at the booth.

P1040527My sources show that we currently have four, not three greyhounds available for adoption. My current information is secondhand, so if you are interested in any of these, please call or email Jerry or Michelle and they can give you the up to the moment, total information on them. Max is our senior adoptable. He came to us with his girlfriend, who has since been adopted. Now Max needs a place of his own. He’s ten years young and looks and acts much younger. If you are one of those people who like to give the seniors ‘their final few years of dignity’ by providing them with a loving home for their declining years, you might want to check this guy out. Next we have Rocky, a gorgeous five year old male. The Rock is stunning in his white and fawn coat. He was a good racer and is still a high spirited guy, but also loves his lovin’. He likes to hang close with his human and wants a close relationship. Rock should go to a cat less household however, he’s just not found a way to bond with the feline world yet. Jake is a four year old return. He was living happily in his forever home when his human became ill and had to go to a hospice, so Jake was left homeless. He is experienced in home living, he’s also white and fawn, tall, and in excellent health, so if you’re looking for a most likely seamless transition that will fit into your household immediately, he’s a very good candidate, as he is experienced. All he needs is a lot of loving and someone who will be able to stay with him a little longer. Kingsley is an eighteen month old baby. We very rarely get pups this young. Kingsley is a small male, and is very shy. He will probably need doting parents to give him reassurance and build his confidence. We’ve had our share of introverted dogs before; they require usually people with a lot of love and patience. Once they have the right human or humans, and they blossom, they have all become just fabulous loving pets. The people that I know who have taken these kinds of dogs actually love the challenge of it, and the rewards of seeing the dogs progress and then channel all their love to them is well worth the work and attention required to bring it all out in them. So, there we have the current four dogs that are available that I know of. Once again, contact Michelle or Jerry and you can find out all the information on them and arrange to visit the kennel or maybe even have a dog visit you.

P1040423On the other side of the coin, my favorite girl Bella and Bruno have gone to a home together, which is so far my favorite greyhound news to greet my return. I love Bella, she’s been waiting a while and I hope she does great together with Bruno and her new humans. Slash went to a home in Kissimmee last week. Yes, we will go the extra mile to find our greyhounds a home. Slash was reported and tested as cat safe, did well with Michelle’s cats. The next day we got a call that Slash had lunged at the cat in his new home. So, Michelle went and picked him up. We do go the extra mile, even to Kissimmee. Not every match is guaranteed, even when it shows that it should be. So, Slash is back, I guess that makes it five available. I have no doubt that he will find a good home, he’s very adoptable, just have to make sure about his roommates if he goes to a house with other animals. Slash is actually fostering with one of our volunteers, so he may end up as a foster failure, which may be why he’s not listed yet. It’s not easy being on the outside of the loop, especially for a couple weeks or more.

Ok, I’m now a pooped puppy, but at least I don’t hurt. Modern drugs are miraculous. If any of our dogs tweak your interest, don’t hesitate to give us a call or an email, it’s very easy to make them available. I see we’re in the mid forty percent wise on the quest to raise the money for the new kennel. If you know anyone that has money to give for a good cause, let them know about FOG, meanwhile, we will be scratching along as best we can, to raise the dough. We still have the meet and greet every other week at the Pet Supermarket on East Sunrise Blvd., from ten until two o’clock, and of course, three more weekends (I think) of the Ren-Fest, if you’re in the area, stop at the booth and say hello. That’s all the news that I have up to the moment. Have a greyt week, hope to be back next week with more good news.