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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/5/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Into February we race, Ground Hog Day has come and gone and we will have ten more months of summer. Almost all is quiet at the present time, we received two new dogs over the weekend and one is gone already. Idris Elba (the greyhound, not the actor) arrived, was seen yesterday and it gone. He was, and actually still is, a handsome two-year-old black and white boy. He will be going to the Vet this week and will do his physical and the neutering thing, and then he will be going to live on the 18th floor of a Miami condo, so another one has departed almost before he arrived. We still have Fella, packed and waiting for his real home people to show up and take him away. His fifth birthday is coming up this Thursday, the 8th. What better birthday surprise than to be adopted on your birthday. This is a beautiful dog, I have no understanding how he’s still here, but whoever gets this guy is going to be a very lucky and happy person, he is a good dog and I got that from a very reliable source. Our other new arrival is a gorgeous two-year-old red boy, Dutch Blackjack, who goes by the name BJ. BJ came in a little bit timid, but will be somebody’s love bug, he loves people. He also has beautiful eyes, so if eyes is for youz, come check this guy out, or, contact the kennel and it’s entirely possible we can arrange a visit to your house at your convenience of course. That’s the kennel report and most of the excitement that I have for this week.


FoG alum Charlie, who lives with his human Shawn, a Captain in the Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department, and his older greyhound sister Dee Dee, recently graduated from a six-month course in PTSD and mobility service, and is now a qualified Service Dog. Scott’s Blog “Dusty and Me” has a nice little story about them and also a little video of another alum, Kango. Kango is a special needs hound, he’s losing his eyesight, but was adopted anyway by Rick. As you can see, Kango is doing very well in his home in Cutler Bay, and does my heart good to see. Thanks also to Scott for bringing these stories to life for us through his blog.

The collars are still going out, Michelle is working diligently on them, even as I speak, or write, or sit up and speak, whichever. We have collars going out all over the place, many people have moved over the years. If you know someone that has moved and might be interested in the collars, have them email Michell at the FoG website. Scott has scouted out the old BBQ stand and they are no longer there. They’ve put up a sign that says Activity Area but nothing is going on there at the moment. The BBQ people have promised to notify us if they set up in a new location and we will pass that information along if we get any.

Ok, that’s about all the news that’s fit to print. One more thing, thanks again to all of you who have supported us and the hounds over the years, we couldn’t have done it without you. All the lives that have been saved and the love, happiness, and sometimes heartache, have made this part of my life better and I’m sure the majority of us feel that way too. We’ve all been a part of something good and positive at least, compared to all the sadness and evil going on, and that should give you a warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside. Not unlike the caterpillar you may have accidentally or otherwise swallowed in your misspent youth. Have a greyt week and let’s see if we can get my friend Fella a beautiful home for his birthday this coming week, this guy is a gem and he deserves his forever home. Pleeze!