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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/26/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


We close out February with good news for 50 dogs. That’s the total number that we officially adopted out in 2017. Not quite the 315 that went out in 2013, but still good news for us and the dogs concerned, averaging almost one a week on a much reduced budget and operation. Life is good in the slow lane and we’re doing our part at least, to give these beautiful hounds a second chance at life.

The former Einstein is now settled in his new home. He’s now known as Finn McCool, he lives on the 19th floor of an oceanfront condo in Pompano Beach. His mom is retired and we suspect that he will be appropriately spoiled. You can check out Scott’s blog ‘Dusty and Me’ for a picture of what he gets to see when he wakes up every morning. Apollo, who went to live with Debbie, Matt, their kids, and greyhound sister Shar-Shar when we had the overflow back in December, has now been officially adopted into their family and he is a very happy camper. Gabby, the beautiful girl that was in the kennel for what seemed like about two days, has gone to a home trial in Coral Gables with Kal and his parents, Eddie and Rhonda. That happened yesterday and so far, so good with her and her new family. Recent arrival BJ, and his gorgeous eyes, got an application just this morning, and he will be heading to Miami, with a great fenced in yard and a 13 year old lab brother. Labs are generally known as friendly, so we’re hoping that they get along, and if they do, BJ has hit the adoption jackpot for sure. Delivery is scheduled for Wednesday morning, so we’ll be keeping our fingers and dewclaws crossed for him and all the new adoptees.


This leaves us currently with three hounds left for adoption. Sly is the 12 year old lady that was surrendered to us when her human had to relocate out of the country. She wasn’t one of our dogs, but as you know, we take them all in. She will need a senior home, she has some meds and special food, and so she will need someone that can go that ‘extra mile’ to provide for her as she heads off into the sunset years. We also have Fella, who unbelievably keeps getting over looked. He is a fabulous dog, but he gets very excited when people come to see him, which may discourage some potential adopter who might think he is too excitable. This is not the case, he always settles down after the initial greetings have ended. The newest arrival is a two year old girl. All I have to say about her is that she’s a blue fawn, which is a rare color, so she will not be here very long. Her name is Molly and she’s a real sweetheart.

Wow, that was fun; there was a lot of activity this month. Our boy Charlie, who recently graduated as a therapy dog and is working for the Miami Dade Fire Rescue’s Critical Incident Response Team, got his first major test when the Parkland mess hit. Shawn and Charlie headed up to Broward, their job being to visit with the first responders and help diffuse some of the stress that the responders were working with. Shawn said it was an intense and sad assignment, but Charlie did great. Charlie and his potential were duly noted and now some of the other departments are interested and considering similar programs. Ok, that’s about all the news that’s fit to print this week. Please come check out Fella, he’s been waiting too long, he’s really excited about getting into his forever home, so if you are interested in adopting a hound, don’t pass him over just because he’s happy to see you, he’s really a great hound and is going to be a great companion for someone. Have a greyt week and don’t bite anyone.