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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/19/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Happy President’s Day to one and all, especially Einstein, who may not be a president, but now thinks he’s a king since his adoption and medical process is finished and he is scheduled to be delivered this week to his new forever home in Miami. Good luck and best wishes for many years of love and good health to him and his new humans. The reign of the One Last Cast BBQ at the Flamingo Road Nursery is over. Scott was by there and it’s now a storage area, so hopes of another food stand apparently out the window. Anyone who knows of a place that would be a good gathering place for the Greyhound community, please let us know, you can contact Michelle through the website or email.

Collar work lately has been slow but steady. It turns out that organizing a couple thousand collars takes quite a bit of time, so have patience please, it’s a work of love but does take time. We have two new girls in the kennel. The first is Sly, a twelve-year-old who was given up by her human who had to return to Argentina, but Sly was considered too fragile to make the trip. She wasn’t adopted from us, but she is a greyhound in need, and we are a greyhound rescue indeed, so here she is. This is from The Greyhound Mamasita’s mouth (aka Michelle), which I just straight out copied.


And of course, the big chat around the kennel is that FoG is looking for a special “foster” home for a special senior girl named Sly. She raced as C’mon Sly in New Hampshire and her mom adopted her from NGAP in Philadelphia. Now her mom has to move to Argentina to care for family and Sly is just too old to handle the trip. Sly wasn’t adopted from us but she’s a greyhound looking for help so here she is. She is 12 years old and has some medical issues according to her former vet. Our vet is getting the records and we will find out more about that. Primarily they are treating her with prescription foods and some meds. She is alert and playful and ornery!! She is absolutely gorgeous and once we know exactly what we are working with, I’ll let you know more. We are looking for a foster or a permanent home for her. FoG doesn’t normally foster so we would figure out the parameters of a foster once we know more about the medical side.


What’s really neat to me is that I just learned how to copy and paste and keep the same format, a first for me in my entire life. Usually I have to depend on Jerry B., our above excellent webmaster, to save my butt and correct my mess, but this time I did it myself. I truly am skilled. If you have the heart, ambition, and resources to take this senior (Sly, not Jerry) in for the time she has remaining, contact Michelle at the kennel or come check her out. At the other end of the age spectrum is Gabby. She just arrived, won’t be 2 until July, and raced at 65 pounds but is so tightly packed that she looks like she’s only about 45 pounds. Gabby is an energetic little dark brindle with straight up ears, and she’s going to make someone a beautiful companion. Last minute update, Gabby has an adoption application pending. Kal’s mom, Rhonda Anderson brought him to play with Gabby and they have decided to adopt her. She should be going to the vet in the next day or two and then will be moving to Coral Gables. During the day, they’ll alternate going to mom’s law office with her. Kal says it’s a great home! BJ and Fella are the two guys that are still here waiting for you. I still have no idea why Fella is still here, but he is. Fella turned five years old on February 8th and he would be happy to receive a good home for his belated birthday present. I know it’s hard to compete with the younger, good-looking hounds, but this guy has the best personality and plenty of love, and his people at his former racing kennel are also astonished that he’s still here, and they know their dogs better than anyone else. Fella has been waiting patiently, he deserves a good home. If you have a fenced yard and you are on the fence, thinking about adopting, but haven’t acted yet, I urge you to get off the fence, come in and check Fella out. Or, you could most likely make arrangements with Michelle for a home visit if you are in the area (which is generally South Florida). If you like good deals, I believe that if you were really interested in getting this guy, you could possibly get a discount in price, maybe a 40-pound bag of dog food, or, mention my name and you could get both. We have easy payment plans like 0% interest for 72 months. No, no we don’t, the last offer doesn’t exist, not for our hounds at least, but I wanted to try to get your attention, trust me, Fella is going to make someone or some family very happy, all he needs is the chance. I’d take him in a heartbeat, but I have a legal four dog limit in my community. I have four dogs, two cats, two grandchildren, two kids and a very patient wife, all in a townhouse. I can’t do everything, but mark my bark, that dog is going to make an excellent pet. Ok, getting (as usual) a little long winded, time to close shop for this week. Scott has a nice little story and pictures of Sly in his blog “Dusty and Me“, I do highly recommend that you check that out. Last but certainly not least, it’s always sad when we lose one of our community, I don’t get to mention them all because I do not always get the information or get it in a timely manner, but I wanted to extend my condolences to Yuri, who’s four-legged ray of sunshine passed away last weekend. Dudley lost his battle to cancer but the tailless wonder was one in a million and was a weekend regular back in my days at the Hialeah kennel. He will be missed, but I know he hit the adoption lottery jackpot when he got you Yuri, so remember the good times knowing that he couldn’t have had a better home anywhere.

Find the greyhound on the rug!

Find the Greyhound On the Rug!