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John’s Happy Tales Report
2/13/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all from the lovers at the FoG Kennel on this, the eve of Valentine’s Day 2018. I’ve decided I like the current arrangement of the kennel, although I do miss going in any time I want and visiting and working with nearly five dozen dogs and some great people, which went a long way towards easing me into retired life, graduating from giving people bills and useless garbage they didn’t want, to making a difference in beautiful dogs and in most cases, beautiful people’s lives, by helping to hook them up together for years of companionship and love. The part I like about the current set up is, unlike the old days, when someone came into the kennel, each dog had about a one in fifty-six chance of being chosen. Many times, great dogs just didn’t get adopted for a long time because others were more outgoing or looked prettier. With our reduced number, everyone is seen and personalities known more intimately, with anywhere from one in three to about one in six chances of getting a home. I like those odds much better than the old ones, I think it’s much better for all concerned this way.


Speaking of being adopted, Einstein arrived and was adopted about as soon as he arrived. He has done his medical stuff and will be heading to a condo in Miami probably this week. We currently have BJ and Fella on the roster, I have no understanding on how Fella is still available, I have the inside word that he is a fantastic dog, so he needs to be in a real home now if not sooner. His birthday was last week and I had hoped he’d be in his home by then, but his birthday came and went and he’s still with us. Please check out this guy, he will be an excellent pet. We also have a new arrival coming in tomorrow, her name is Sly. She is twelve years old, her mom is moving to Argentina and doesn’t think she could handle the trip, so she’s back with us, hoping to pick up a good foster home to finish out her career. Sly is on meds and special food, so she will need someone special to be able to take care of her. Her chances of adoption do not seem very good, but we always manage to find that ‘special’ person out there that will go the extra mile required to make our ‘special needs’ animals lives better. I believe she is not cat tolerant, we will have more information on her as we get to know her better.

Charlie, our newly graduated Therapy Hound, joined the Miami Dade Fire Rescue CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Team, and his proud mom Shawn couldn’t be prouder of him. You can see more about that in Scott’s ‘Dusty and Me’ blog of course, along with news and pictures of what’s going on in the kennel, so check that out if you can, always an interesting and informative read about the happenings in our little hound community.

37th but not least, we did the meet and greet at our local Pet Supermarket last Saturday. New adoptable BJ was there and the star of the show, he entertained and had a great time himself. Hopefully this will result in an application for him, or at least some people will check us out. We’ll keep our fingers and dewclaws crossed for him and Fella, our current inmates. Ok, we’re a little late this week, Michelle and I have problems determining which day of the week is which, but better late than never, as long as we keep the hounds moving, we’re good. Have a great Valentine’s Day and a greyt week, don’t bite anyone.

MIchelle & BJ at Pet Supermarket