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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/30/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Ok, which is more exciting, Jerry turning 70 tomorrow or the kennel with everyone gone but Ralph and Annie? Happy Birthday to FoG President Jerry, celebrating seven decades of surviving everything that life has hit him with, taking a licking, but still ticking. His best birthday gift? Not having to ever do jury duty again, in this life at least. There are some of us who know exactly how nice that is, I swear they used to call me every year. Don’t mind going but can’t they find someone else once in a while? Mr. J., may you have many more happy and HEALTHY years. I can only wish you good health, not responsible if Michelle beats you to death one of these days, so live wisely, you’ve made it this far. In other excitement, we’ve almost got an empty kennel. Everyone is gone except for Ralph and Annie. So, we need to get them out and into their forever homes ASAP. Don’t worry, we will be receiving new arrivals immediately if not later, but I will be pushing (as always) the ones who’ve been here the longest. You can contact Michelle or Jerry for up to the minute information on anything about our hounds and get the latest on new arrivals. My news is once a week, so come Tuesday we could have five or six new arrivals. Right now, Annie, a beautiful two-year-old girl and Ralph, a three-year-old black stud, are packed and ready to go, all they need is a good human to make their dreams come true. We also have Kango, who is on the injured reserve list, but should be ready to go shortly if not sooner.

Hold off on the photographer search, our friend Larry Warsh will be handling the photos. If you like to get up close and personal with all these beautiful animals, he could use a helper for the day, or maybe two for a half day each. This isn’t an extremely long event, so you can volunteer and still not end up dog tired. My experience with volunteering at the famous country club dinner, where all the hounds got their pictures taken and I was right there watching every one of them get photographed. With all the beautiful dogs parading past me, kind of reminded me of a Miss Universe beauty pageant, these dogs are gorgeous.


The Plantation Doggie Palooza was good to us. We took Ace and Carly, and both of them made the best of their chance, and got adopted. They will be delivered on Thursday, so we wish them and their new families all the love, happiness, and good health that they can handle for the rest of their time together. Next Saturday is Sunrise Woodstock, we have information posted about that on the website. If you see Chumlee there, don’t try to adopt him. That’s an attempt at an inside joke about the sparsity of dogs currently. Horses and Hounds is coming up in about three weekends, so get ready. Don’t forget the yard sale, coming up at the kennel on the Weekend of the 11th and 12th of February. A fun trip coming up for Michelle and a couple dogs, as they’re going to be heading down to the Kendall Lakes FC Martin K-8 center. They’ll be visiting Ms. Rodger’s kindergarten class, who is celebrating their 100th day of school on February 8th, and they’re trying to gather a hundred cans of dog food for our hounds. The hounds love the kids and the kids love the hounds, it’s always a lot of fun and I expect to have a report and some pictures next week.

Ok, I think I’ve got it all covered for this week. Once again, Happy Birthday to Jerry, seventy years’ young, and it’s an accomplishment, dubious or not, a lot of people don’t get to make it that far. As Michelle so aptly puts it, ‘’he’s like fine wine, gets better with age….. except for the sediment in the bottom, and the broken cork, and the torn up label’’. I think he’s still got some years left in the tank, at least he’s not circling the drain yet. Have a greyt week, stay safe, don’t bite anyone you don’t know. Not real sure about what bottom the sediment is in, and why we’re looking at his bottom, but that’s not our business.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY, FEB 11 & 12, 8 AM – 2 PM
Lots & lots of dog & pet supplies – beds, kennels, food bowls & stands, etc.
Plus household goods & hardware.
No clothes.
No early birds please.
2621 NW 105th Lane, Sunrise
(west of Nob Hill, between Sunset Strip & Sunrise Lakes)
Proceeds support Friends of Greyhounds.
A non-profit 501c3 greyhound rescue based in Sunrise.