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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/23/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


There’s a big yard sale on February 11th and 12th at our kennel. It’s still about three weeks away, but keep it in mind, we’ve got a ton of doggie goodies, leftovers, and stuff for dog lovers as well as household items. We’re trying to clean out our warehouse, or at least downsize it, so keep us in mind on that weekend, and stop by if you can, we’re in Sunrise. There should be plenty of stuff to look through and Michelle is anxious to clean house, so you should get some good prices.


In the more immediate future, this weekend is Doggie Palooza, a Dog Expo. It’s going on rain or shine at Happy Tails Dog Park, 6600 S.W. 16th Street, Plantation, or Peters Road and S.W. 63 Ave. for those who know where you’re going. They will be having Police K-9 and Frisbee demonstrations as well as a Purpose Driven Pup Chase Course and Captain Cartoon Pet Caracatures. It will be this Saturday from 10 A.M. until 3 P.M., so stop by if you can, Michelle has done these before and she says they are a lot of fun. The expo is to provide pet owners with information on pet care and products, they will have prizes for best dressed pooches, best pet tricks, and a pet owner look-a-like contests. Sounds like a good time for all concerned and the cost is just two dollars for humans and pets are free, so you can’t beat the price, and they’ll have pet adoptions available, including some of our own inmates no doubt. Horses and Hounds is fast approaching next month, don’t know if they’ve settled the photographer deal yet, last I heard they were looking for a professional photographer to work the event, if you know any professional photographers that might be interested, give Michelle a buzz. Lynn, our famous collar lady, will be at Horses and Hounds with her collars for certain, but will not be at the Doggie Palooza or the Sunrise Woofstock, she’s saving her stock for the Horses and Hounds to assure our people the best selection available. Thank you for thinking of us first Ms. Georgia.


JJ, aka, Jay Jay has entered his new home and is doing good the last I heard. His Godmother is Rainey’s human Jill, one of my favorite volunteers from the old days, who will make sure his new life is going smoothly. Our girl Bella is also doing well in her new adobe with her favorite human, who is retired, has a big yard, and plenty of time to give her all his attention. And I’m sure she will be demanding it. Billy went out to his new home last week, he’s living with his humans and a K-9 sister, as well as a teenaged human and his K-9, so Billy is part of a three-dog night, each and every night now. Ms. Michelle forgot to take his favorite fuzzy green face, so she made a special trip back out to deliver it to him. She said he is a very happy camper, but he was also very, very happy to be reunited with his favorite toy. Yes, they are just like little kids in a lot of ways, and what a joy it is to watch them live a happy and full life.


Ok, I think this leaves us with Ace, Carly, Annie, Ralph, and that’s it at the moment. I will have an update by next week I’m sure, and in any case, you can contact the kennel and talk to Michelle or Jerry and they can tell you up to the minute information on who’s available and who’s not. We have continuous movement and there’s always somebody coming in and somebody going out, which is a good thing, but I am down here and they are up there, not like the good old days when I was there every weekend at the least, and some times during the week. Well, I think that about wraps it up for this week, and this is fortunate because I have just been gassed. Greyhounds are fabulous animals, fast, graceful, sleek, exotic, and a hundred other beautifully descriptive words, but, on occasions there’s a slip in the rear linkage, and there’s no mistaking a greyhound from other dogs when it comes to gas. Don’t feel sorry for me though, it’s happened before and it will happen again. I will be just fine when my head clears, my eyes stop watering and the walls quit sweating, and I’ll be ready to go for next week. In the meantime, keep your hounds close and your gasmask closer.

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  1. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    Hello Everyone!

    This is Billy’s adopted parent, Jen. We renamed Billy because of an uncomfortable association we have with the name of a person in our lives.

    Billy is Mango here – Mango Tango when we’re feeling cutesy, and he’s learning quickly to respond to that.

    Mango has brought us so much joy and love already and we are trying to repay him for that everyday.

    It was so kind and loving of Michelle to bring his favorite green fluffy toy to him. He still loves it! He showed great joy in receiving it and in seeing Michelle. He brings it outside with him to lay in the grass and I’ve seen him get up to get ithe toy and bring it back to wherever he was lying down in order to rest his face on it! So cute!!!

    He’s enjoying snoozing in the grass, racing around the yard, playing fetch, and trying to play with our 11 year-old Lhasapoo. Unfortunately, she’s not as playful as he is, but our 15 year old son runs around with him, instead, and that’s lots of fun.

    I downloaded the app “Walk For A Dog” ( by Wooftrax). I encourage everyone to do this and record your walks for Friends of Greyhounds! Doesn’t cost a thing and our favorite Greyhound rescue benefits! It also helps you Track your walking, and guess what – you don’t even have to have a dog to do it! Just set up your profile ( simple), select Friends of Greyhounds as your animal charity of choice, press “start walking” when you go for a walk, and that’s it!

    We’re very happy and thankful for Mango (Billy) and happy to have the ongoing support of Michelle and Jerry.

    Jen Hoffman