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John’s Happy Tales Report
12/26/16 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


We hope that Christmas was good to you and you’re having a happy holiday season. One more week and 2016 is history, which greatly pleases a lot of people, and we hopefully can start anew and fresh for 2017. We currently have seven dogs available at the kennel, 4 boys and 3 girls, four blacks, two brindles, and a white and brindle. Two girls are returns through no fault of their own, which happens a lot in the life and times of rescued animals and rescue groups. Some people think they can when they can’t, and sometimes circumstances overwhelm entire households, including the pets. In any case, we just pick ourselves up and try again, we believe every dog is perfect for somebody, and every potential adopter is perfect for some animal, and we love to try to do what it takes to make it happen, even if there are some mishaps along the way. Perseverance pays off more often than not in the long run.


A special note from Michelle. She had a young lady stop by who had taken up a collection at her work for us. She brought detergent and rice, two things we needed very badly. She also brought blankets and other items, but the detergent and rice saved the day. Michelle was so surprised that she never even got her name or where she worked. She never got to thank her properly. Way to go Michelle, just when I thought it was safe to release you on the general public again. Anyway, we’re hoping that she will see this on the blog, and if she doesn’t contact us for a proper thank you, she will at least know that it was greatly appreciated and we do thank her and her group very much. Another time I have to step in and save the day. Pretty sure this will get my salary doubled again.

Christmas at the kennel was enjoyed by all. The dogs got special treats on Christmas Eve and there were a lot of visitors on Christmas Day, it was a festive weekend to say the least. For Christmas, all the dogs got their nails done, a special thank you to Lisa for doing that. Scott and Michelle did the holding while Lisa did the clipping. Thank you, Scott, Jerry B., and Lisa, for just doing what you always do and just for being you.


Goldie has been adopted and delivered. Her new name is Noel, seasonally appropriate. She reportedly walked into her new home like she owned it, greeted her new humans and acted like she’d known them all her life. She will do good there methinks. Denim and Chloe are back, the two I previously mentioned. You can check them out on the website, as well as all of the others. We’re expecting two new boys in very soon. You can get just about any and all information on any of the adoptables by contacting Michelle or Jerry at the website or phone. We can even arrange to bring out a dog or two to visit you at your adobe if you are reasonably in our area. Billy has been getting some looks and so have Annie, Ralph, and Bulldust, but no applications this past week.

I was browsing some of the old blogs, I can’t believe this started in November of 2012 when I decided to help Michelle a little by just writing up what was happening during the previous week, because with all she had to do, a lot of stuff that needed to be put out was delayed, so the famous blog was born. It was pretty much the same as it is now. New dogs in, some dogs adopted, here and there a return, here and there a special dog, whether it be injured, sick, abandoned, returned, rescued, or whatever, and information on upcoming events. So, life goes on, next week we start over again and next year we will do it right this time. Have a greyt week, a safe New Year’s weekend, and best wishes for plenty of love and good health in the coming year.

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