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John’s Happy Tales Report
12/18/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


MERRY the week before CHRISTMAS, as the end of the year very rapidly approaches. We have five home seekers currently in the kennel, bags packed, and just itching to go to their forever home for Christmas. Casey, Fella, Mercury, Apollo, and Logan are available and Michelle is willing to deliver them at your convenience, whether it be Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, we would love to make it happen for them before the end of the year. It is the holiday season, everyone is busy with their own holiday preparations, so it would be a very nice surprise if we could get them a home, but it can be done, and, don’t forget, they are the gift that keeps on giving love for the rest of their lives. Greyhounds are the second fastest land animal on earth, but they are number one in loving people, that we know well from our experience with them over the past decade and a half.

With the holidays here, we will be taking a hiatus from the gatherings until after the new year, but we are still open and if you are among the people that donate gifts and goodies to us during the holidays, there is a list of the needed items on the website. Michelle found a great website also, that has lots of T-shirts and tons of greyhound shirts, check our and you can find just about anything you want on there.


We had a nice response to the first batch of collars that went out, we sent out 24 priority mail boxes with about 40 collars in them. Not everyone wants to be reminded that their dog was in a racing kennel, but from our side of the fence, it is what your dog was wearing when you first met them, so it is of decent sentimental value to a lot of us.

Ok, as previously stated, adoption activity has been slow, Apollo has some people possibly interested in him, but after the holidays. The inmates are getting a little anxious, but I heard Michelle has promised them that Santa will find them, even if they’re here with us, and they will get some treats and stocking stuffers no matter what.

It was about this time last year that Scott wandered into the kennel and offered a helping hand. He went with Michelle on his first delivery on Christmas Day, and ever since has been a good friend and an exceptional help to our hounds and the kennel. He does his blog ‘Dusty and Me’ chronicling daily life around our kennel, complete with pictures and video, and it shows a lot of the work, joy, and tears of working with a rescue kennel. A warm and sincere ‘Thank You’ from Michelle and Jerry, and also to all our friends who have helped and supported the hounds throughout the years, have a beautiful Christmas. Thank you again for your support of these beautiful animals, stay safe, warm, and don’t bite anyone.