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John’s Happy Tales Report
12/17/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel Better Late Than Never They Say.



Saturday we were at the Pet Supermarket from ten until two in the afternoon, for a meet and greet. My Friend Bella was there with us to say hello to human, dog, and anything else that stopped by to talk to us. We had a good time meeting nice dogs and talking with neat humans. There was no request for any kind of plug, but they will get one anyway from me and I’m sure Michelle will be glad to back me up on it. The Pet Supermarket is located at 801 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. The staff was very friendly, you could tell that everyone there really likes animals and enjoys their jobs, and Jill, the store manager, especially made us feel like family and right at home. This is the friendliest pet store I have ever been in, if you are in the area you might want to come in and check them out, if I lived a little closer than western Dade County, they would definitely be my pet store.

We have reached almost forty percent in the eternal quest for the one hundred thirty thousand dollars needed to start the new FOG kennel. The work is slow, the rewards are great, but arrive in small quantities. I think that perhaps Jerry and Michelle were possibly bulldogs in a previous life because they have shown quite the tenacity in this project; they keep hanging on and moving forward. The light at the end of the tunnel may not quite be visible yet, but another ten percent in and at least it will start to slope at a downward angle, so onward we push.

In among all of this we also have the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season; most everyone has something else on their minds other than how we can get a new kennel faster, or will the greyhounds find a good home. News at the kennel is also sparse, so hopefully we will be able to just slow down and relax and enjoy the season, maybe reflect with a good feeling on all the greyhounds that we’ve saved over the years, and most importantly all the love that has resulted from uniting these loving animals with loving people and families and seeing a lot of life changing bonding and love. Using love and loving a lot here but that’s the main thing that this is all about, it’s the word I hear most often in almost every conversation I’ve ever heard or been involved with in these animals. Animal rescue is bittersweet, there are so many animals that need help that can’t be helped, but being a glass half full optimistic type of human that I am, I think about all the ones that I know that are living the good life, that I’ve had a part in making it happen, and all the ones that we will be helping in the future. Can’t save the entire world by myself, and all the match ups have not gone just perfect, but I feel pretty darn good thinking about the ones that have and the ones that are going to happen. As I’ve told my wife of nearly forty years, I wish I had met you sooner so I could have loved you longer, I also wish I had started doing this sooner so I could have been a part of helping more dogs . So, why not relax, enjoy the holidays, and get ready to go like a bat outta heck when the New Year begins?

TMC's Busta Move

TMC’s Busta Move

In real time kennel news, I believe Sloan has started singing, or in his case, rooing, ‘There’s no place like home for the holidays’. He has gone to a home with two other greyhounds, and at last report, he is doing well and fitting in just fine, so we will keep our fingers and eyes crossed for him. We have acquired two nine year old dogs that are from New York. They were down here vacationing, liked it, and defected to South Florida. They really are nine years old and from New York, but I don’t have the real story on them yet, you can call Michelle if you are interested, and I hope to have some better information next week. Also, Busta Move has been returned due to a divorce. I didn’t even know he was married. Sorry, I do these sort of things without thinking. I don’t have his real story yet either but I’m sure that his humans got divorced and that is the reason he’s been returned. More information on that next week from me, or you can call Michelle and get the inside scoop immediately. I do know that he just turned 3 years old and that he is a nice sized beautiful fawn guy. So, one out, three in, two of them seniors, they probably should rename us Century Village, Greyhound Division.

Ok, that’s most of the news as I know it, up to the moment. Only a week left until Christmas, and yes, Michelle will deliver a greyhound to your house on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day if that would suit you. They are the gift that keeps on giving and unlike a pregnant cat, or relative, they are all spayed or neutered, so there won’t be any surprises or shotgun weddings with one of our greys, guy or gal, guaranteed. Have a greyt week, shall return Monday if someone reminds me what day it is when Monday gets here.