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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/2/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Happy New Year to all from the FoG kennel staff and volunteers, best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2017. To start the year off right we have received word from Slugbug Bob’s sister, Slugbug Molly, who is alive and well and living with another greyhound and family. They are looking to contact dog siblings, which does happen ofter. I don’t have all the information but I’m sure that Bob’s people will be in touch with Molly’s people (I hope, I hope) and we can learn all about her life after racing. Slugbug Bob is a local legend among our many legendary alumni. I dubbed him ‘so ugly, he’s actually cute’ in his original profile and whether it did or not, in my mind that helped get him his forever home, and he has done very well in it I can say for sure.


To start off the New Year right, two new boys have just arrived at the kennel. Ace and JJ are the two beautiful new arrivals. Ace is a stunning dark brindle and JJ is a hot red fawn. Both are long legged, three years’ young, and healthy, with no injuries to rehab. They will be headed for the Vets and will be ready for adoption very soon. We currently have three girls, bags packed and ready to enter your life. Denim is a cute black girl. She has been in a home but was returned because her people lost a half year battle with their community, concerning rules, probably about size of dog. Don’t know for sure, but she’s been in a home, is perfectly adjusted, all she wants is a loving family that can keep her forever. She is on a 48 hour trial period with a potential adopter right now but technically, she is still looking for a home. She is a lover, very devoted, bonds quickly and deserves to be able to go to sleep knowing that she will not be bounced out at any moment. If you’re looking for a real lover that knows the rules already, come in and check her out. Annie is a little red girl, two and a half years old and finished racing with a broken leg. But that is healed and in as good a shape at it is going to be and it has nothing to do with her being a loving pet. Carly is a tall, white and brindle three-year-old girl. She’s just off the racing circuit, so she looks a little scruffy at the moment, but these dogs tend to clean up pretty decently, as you can see by this year’s winner of the National Dog Show, a greyhound. The four boys we have are Ralph, Billy, Ace, and JJ and you can also check them out on the website, arrange a visit to our kennel, or even have one or two of them brought to your house for a close up and personal visit.


We received a call from Darla’s mom this past week. Darla is one of our ‘special’ girls, very shy and introverted. Some people love the ‘special’ dogs, as do my family and myself. Selfish a little bit maybe, because of how good I feel giving one of these a home, knowing that we’ve helped one that most likely wouldn’t have even gotten a chance, and they all deserve at least a chance because many times the biggest (and best) surprises come in the ugliest wrapped packages. With a little bit of TLC and plenty of love and patience, so far Darla is coming along just fine. You just have to find the right people. Apparently, Chloe has struck it rich also. She went to a beautiful home, plenty of fenced in land to roam, and her new mom loves her. Not every dog has to have a large home, large yard (or two) with a human that just wants to spend time with them, but it’s pretty neat when it does happen. So, we have some movement, so far so good. As always, we wish our adopters and adoptees many years of happiness, love, and good health and we’ll keep our fingers and dew claws crossed for all of them. As in life, they can’t all be perfectly happy endings, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling ecstatic when we do get them, and that’s the reason we’re here.


Ok, that’s about it for the current moment. There’s something in the wind, about which I don’t know anything, so I won’t say much, but it will be for the auction at Horses and Hounds, and is pretty spectacular. We will see if it develops and if it does, you will hear about it second, or third maybe, right here from me. I love to be the bearer of good news. So, stay tuned, we’re just getting revved up for the new year. If you’re interested, or even think you might be interested in a greyhound, check us out, on line, in person at the kennel, or maybe even at your house. I’ve heard of greyhounds stopping traffic on the street, but today it happened to me. I was out with Creeper and Diffy and this car full of people stopped and dropped off one girl. Apparently living or visiting down the street somewhere, this young lady was so excited to see and be that close to a real one. She is moving to Broward and wants a dog, and naturally I told her she won’t find a better pet and she agreed. So, Michelle, if some people come looking and talk about seeing one in Hialeah that sent them to you, that was me. Yep, don’t worry about the raise, I can’t afford to go into a higher tax bracket. Just kidding, and just doing my job. You know I can talk greyhounds all day long, and have done it before. Have a greyt week, keep the boots handy in case it snows. Not.

Slugbug Bob

Slugbug Molly