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John’s Happy Tales Report
12/1/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And In Desperate Times, The Outter Limits And Twilight Zone.

Having once again had my thunder stolen by Ms. Michelle, with a timely blog of her own, I must resort to digging for news of the FOG greyhound and their people. The good news is that it’s straight from the horse’s mouth, so it should be accurate and up to date, as compared to mine and my outdated smoke signals system that I use to get most of my information.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and hope you got to spend it with family. It has for me, great memories of family together, which isn’t quite as common as it used to be. I used to like Christmas best, but it seems that most people have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, but Thanksgiving is still trying to hang in there. I received a tip from an old greyhound about the leftover turkey. It’s a little late, but for those of you who have turkey for Christmas, you can take the turkey carcass and boil it down. Let it cool and remove the bones. Use the bits of leftover meat mixed with rice boiled in the turkey water and it makes great stuff to go with the dry dog food. If you have any questions about this, you can check with Michelle, she is the old greyhound that I got this info from. Am I allowed to call her that? I guess she’s been called worse than that.

Worth repeating is the fact that the Paws for the Cause made almost four thousand dollars and if that keeps happening, the light at the end of the tunnel will be seen within my lifetime. I am old, so I would personally like to see it stepped up a bit, time is a factor with me. Michelle thought her blog a little long winded, maybe I could be a little more concise. I am the king of discursive, verbose, and if prolixic was a word, I would probably be the prolixic king of blog.

P1070510I’m still thinking about the Paws event, so many people and beautiful dogs, now I wish I had written down all of them because my memory and knees are almost beyond repair. I’m getting the knees done but I don’t know what to do about the memory. Whether or not I remember each individual, it was still a thrill to see them again. We need to find a spot where we can meet regularly again. Whether or not you can make it every week or every other week, it would be fantastic to have a set spot and time so that those who would want to and can make it, could have a spot where at least you’d have a chance to meet another greyhound. Speaking from personal experience, Diffy is just so much happier when one of ‘his people’ meets him at the park, and I think a lot of other greys would be that way. If you have any ideas, email Michelle or myself, we’re open to suggestions. I got a couple of suggestions at the water park party and since I didn’t write them down, they are lost to me, so if you are serious, let me know.

P1070518We will be glad to get any holiday pictures of you and or your dogs, so we can post them on our website and blogs. This is also the time of year that I remember the Combined Federal Campaign people coming around looking for donations and they wanted us to pick something to make the office look good with a hundred percent compliance. Even before I knew about greyhounds, I would pick an animal group to donate to, so if this happens to you, you can check the book and look for us, and we’d definitely appreciate it, every penny counts with us. Some of the businesses will even match the donations, so if you’re in that kind of scenario, please consider us if you can.

We currently have seven dogs available and I try to get some information on the three new arrivals, so I, here and now, publicly make an appeal to Michelle and Jerry to send me some information on them so I can get them profiled up, because I think I am the profile person, but am lacking the information. FOG has a meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket every other Saturday So I’m going to make arrangements to work that and maybe I can take one of them, Sloan, Lucy, or What’shisName, just kidding, it’s Slash, and get to know them at the Pet Supermarket at 801 E. Sunrise Blvd. from ten until two o’clock, and meet some humans. Last time out I heard that Lucy got some serious inquiries, so maybe we can meet some nice humans and get a home for one of our dogs as well. I’ve also seen a few dogs go out as Christmas presents in the past few years. Michelle or Jerry brings them out and delivers them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, which has made quite an impression on the recipients as well as giving a beautiful animal a chance to live out his life as a loving pet. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving, you can ask just about any of our dog owners not if, but how much their lives have been enriched by living with their greys.

Ok, better tie this up and wrap it, need to save something for the next time. We have fund raisers and events going on weekly, so please check the website for times and dates. There’s a ladies night out coming up immediately, like Wednesday night, at O Lounge in Yolo. Check it on Facebook or on the website for the details, the donation is five dollars, which is affordable in most cases hopefully. Thanks to all who have helped the FOG cause in whatever way, every effort is appreciated, still plenty of work to be done to get to the final destination. After working with these dogs one time, I was hooked. They truly are noble, gentle, beautiful creations of God that deserve to live. Without getting too political, our position is not with the pro racing interest groups or the anti-racing groups, I’ve worked here five years or so, was taught adamantly from day one, that we are neutral, that is what I have seen in front and behind the scenes regardless of what misinformation some rectals have put out, which has done more harm to the dogs than anything else. I do have a problem with those that do not or will not understand that in our position, if you trash the racing industry, that supports you financially and materialistically, you don’t survive, and if you trash the racing kennels and owners, you don’t get the dogs. So we’ve managed to do what, a dozen years or more and distribute over nineteen hundred dogs in the process and suddenly the FOG isn’t doing the job correctly anymore? Something wrong with that picture methinks. The bottom line for FOG isn’t about the casinos or the kennels, it’s about getting a forever home for the dogs period, and that’s enough challenge in itself.

Ladies Night at O Lounge in YOLO

Wednesday, December 3, 7-10 PM
Click here for more information.