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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/16/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Greetings and Salutations on this, the beginning of the third week of 2017. We are kind of on a roll so far this year, so why not press our luck and expand species for a public service announcement which I’m sure Michelle will appreciate. Michelle’s granddaughter found a small turtle about four years ago, and it has pretty much outgrown it’s aquarium. They are looking to place him in a larger home, hopefully with other turtles. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact Michelle or Jerry at the kennel. He’s healthy, happy, and Michelle could even deliver him if you want. For more information, you can contact them at the kennel, she didn’t ask to mention this, but you never know, someone may have the perfect setup for Tony. His name is Tony.


Last week Billy had a chance and we think he cashed in on it. When he went for his visit, with two other contenders, he took control of his destiny and made it known that he was the guy for this family. He will be with a human brother and a nice fenced in yard, so hopefully this works out perfectly for him, he has been waiting the longest and I always root for those dogs. Last week I went to the filming of a dog commercial and got to see Bella again. She was with us for so long we thought she’d never find a home, but she did, and what a home. She’s now Isis, living better than I am, and has already starred in at least one commercial last year. What a happily ever after to a story that started off so poorly. Miss Denim is also going out on Wednesday. She has been adopted but had to wait for her humans to return from a trip. Best wishes to them and their new families and may they have many years of love and good health together.


We have Ralph, a big black boy with a Roman nose, just like Bella and SlugBug Bob have. When I told Ralph about Bella and SlugBug Bob, with their Roman noses, and how good they ended up, he became very excited and has quite the optimistic attitude these days. JJ and Ace are our other two current guys, but they do not have the nose and are a little bit jealous. Never did I imagine that the Roman nose thing would become the cool thing to have. Annie and Carly are our current girls. Both are as cute as a bug’s ear and won’t be here very long, I can just about guarantee that. The newest arrival is Kango. He’s tall, dark (dark brindle), and handsome. I think he had a head injury and has quit racing at the tender age of three. He loves attention and nice yards. For more information on any of our inmates, just contact Michelle or Jerry, they can fill you in on anything you might want to know about them and can arrange for you to visit them in person, at your convenience, either at the kennel or even your house. Billy made a home visit, saw what he liked, and decided then and there that was his forever home, so beware, sometimes the adoptee ends up picking the adopter instead of vice versa.


Coming up, on Saturday, January 28th we have Plantation’s Doggie Palooza , and the following weekend, February 4th, Sunrise Woodstock. I have no idea what these are, but our website has a flyer posted and as always, contact Michelle and she can tell you everything she knows about them. The third weekend in February we have the annual Horses and Hounds. If you or your company has anything that you’d like to donate for the auction, you can contact Michelle and we can work out the details. The auction is getting bigger and better every year. We’re also looking for a photographer, the regular photographer cannot make it and our photographer is unavailable, so If you know a professional photographer that might be interested, don’t hesitate to contact Michelle. The souvenir photos are one of the coolest parts of the event, so we need to get that item settled. That’s most of the news that’s fit to print for this week. Have a greyt rest of the week, and thank you all for the support you’ve given us throughout the years.

Last Minute PS – – Jay-Jay has an application!! Delivering on Saturday!