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John’s Happy Tales Report
11/30/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend was as good as ours. Today is the last day of November, believe it or not, tomorrow starts the last month of 2015. Another year has flashed by believe it or not. Nothing exceptional going on this past week, adoption-wise, so this will be a short edition, or short for me anyway.



First of all, Happy Birthday to Slugbug Bob, who finally managed to get his party done after last week’s rain delay. All our dogs are special, but with what his human’s went through, he has a special special place in the hearts of many of us at the kennel. No events coming up this week. We have four dogs officially in the kennel at the current moment and as soon as Michelle recovers from her cold/virus she hopes to be bringing in the next wave. Charlie, Max, Rocky, and Allie, aka, Allison makes up the kennel, and I’m amazed that Allie hasn’t been taken already, she’s the only girl and she’s a beauty. All recently adopted were doing very well as of the last report on them.

Michelle’s internet and computer are being repaired, so she isn’t getting any emails at the moment, so if you want to contact her you will have to text or call her. The kennel occupants will continue celebrating Thanksgiving, she cooked down the turkey carcass and they will be enjoying that for a couple more meals. Nothing better than a cooked down turkey carcass, kind of makes you wish you were a greyhound.

So that’s about it from the kennel area, even looked behind the scoop buckets but couldn’t come up with anything else for the moment. Happy rest of the week to everyone, from all of us at the kennel, stay safe, and hopefully next week we will have a few new additions to our roster.