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John’s Happy Tales Report
11/20/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


The beginning of the Thanksgiving/Christmas season is just a couple days away. What a thrill for our six current adoptables if they could all go to their forever homes before Christmas. What better gift for the holidays than a new home and loving humans. For that matter, what better gift for us people than a greyhound, the gift that keeps on giving love, companionship, loyalty, friendship, excitement, adventure, (even the most couchy of the couch potatoes manage to get us involved in some kind of adventure or excitement), but most of all, love, and this world could certainly use a lot more love at this time. Greyhounds do not align themselves politically with any party or group. They may have their own opinions, but they mostly keep them to themselves. They don’t send you Facebook garbage or emails telling you how or who to vote for, what you should think, or what to buy, it’s refreshing to wake up in the morning or come home after a long tiring day and see a happy face that lives for you alone, and a wagging tail that I can bet you didn’t get all day from anyone at work or play. So, it’s settled then, if you already have a dog or hound, you might consider getting them some company with whom to spend their lonely days and nights when you are away or busy doing something else. If you don’t have one already, then you might ask someone who has or has had them and they can tell you what you have been missing all this time. I recently saw an article about people that who have dogs, live longer, happier, and healthier lives than those who don’t. Greyhounds will not argue sports with you, your favorite team is their favorite team, you can put whatever team’s logo or gear on them and they will wear it proudly and even sit on the sofa with you and eat popcorn, or better yet, pizza, and watch the game with you without belittling you if you are, say, a Florida Gator fan and happen to be having an off year. They don’t steal your beer and will happily finish up any left overs you might have, saving you time with cleanup and storing food. We have six beautiful former racers currently, I suggest that you check them out on our website, we have profiles on them, you can visit them at the kennel, and even quite possibly arrange for one or two of them to visit you at your house, so you can meet them up close and personal on your own stomping grounds. Kelly, Casey, Logan, Cal, Mercury, and Fella are their names and it would be a beautiful Christmas for all involved if we could get them in a home for Christmas.


Outside of the Dog Dude Ranch yesterday, not much going on around the kennel. The dogs are all packed, got their hair and fingernails done, or in this case, ears and dew claws, and just waiting for someone to come into their life, sweep them off their feet, and take them away from our temporary housing and let them live happily ever after just like the real pets do. We did have a happy ending for our escape artist last week, or weekend. A recent adoptee, Ms. Stormy, got away from her home, but was found and is back home safe and sound. I am pleased for myself to report that all the dog escapes I’ve known of down here where we can get involved, have ended with the safe recovery of the escapee, so I knock on wood saying this, but cringe every time I hear about one getting out. As we’ve said many times, be very careful, these hounds are very laid back and gentle, but they are a lot quicker than we are and unlike our local professional football team running backs, all they need is an instant and a small opening and they can take it to the house (and beyond) on any play, with or without a good block.

As previously mentioned, we did have a gathering down south at the Dog Dude Ranch, and we thank them again for hosting this and putting up with us. We had a nice turnout, once again we got to meet old friends and new ones. Michelle was giving out the old collars again, if you are interested in obtaining one of them, just let us know and we will try to get it to you. The collars are free of course, you can pick them up at the kennel, or when we have gatherings, we have them with us in the van. Michelle will mail them to you also, if you request, I think the postage is $7.15 and she says she can get a few collars in there, also, if you know someone who had a hound and would be interested in their dog’s collar, have them contact us. We will be back down at the Dog Dude Ranch again on Sunday the 3rd of December, which is in two weeks. A big thanks to all of you who came out yesterday morning, from me especially to my friend that brought the styptic powder yesterday and saved me from bleeding to death. I can’t remember her name and now have even forgotten the dog’s name, usually I can at least remember the dog’s name. Anyway, if I failed to thank you before you left, let me thank you twice at least right now, let me thank you twice right now, it was greatly appreciated. She even left and went home to pick it up and bring it back, going the extra mile if you will. I did go out this morning and get one so we now have one here, lesson learned. Not only are they good for old fools on blood thinners that cut themselves with a new razor, but they’re handy to carry in your dog’s first aid kit, and I can verify that it stops bleeding pretty darn fast, good to have around in case you short cut your dog’s nails or he suffers a minor cut. We have a bunch of pictures posted on the website in case you want to check them out. The famous Slugbug Bob and the somewhat infamous Chumley made appearances, we had two adoptables out there showing their wares, Logan and Fella I think. Diffy and Creepy were our contribution, I spent most of my time talking with Hannah and her humans, they’re planning on getting another hound hopefully in the near future. It was kind of like old home week, we even had two large iguanas in the big tree next door, just like the old days in the play yard in Hialeah. Once again, thank you all for coming out, it was greyt to see you, even though I can’t remember the names as much, but we still love to see you guys, and drop a line once in a while even if you can’t get out there in person, our people and our hounds are truly something special. Scott was hung up in traffic so he didn’t make it, so you’ll have to do without his pictures and descriptions for this week, but I’m sure he’ll make the next one. Meantime, have a beautiful rest of the week, a greyt Thanksgiving and keep yourselves and your hounds safe. Don’t bite anyone.

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Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

Yes, another Play Date & Gathering!
Sunday, December 3 from 10 AM until 1 PM
6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami
(Click here for driving directions.)
(Click here to learn more about Dog Dude Ranch)
We will be in the front, fenced corral area and dogs will be allowed off-leash!!!
Please park along the street.
*** Greyhounds Only ***