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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/1/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Merry belated Christmas as we did not sing last week for some reason and almost missed today, but we are here, so Happy and Healthy 2018 to all our humans and hounds. We made it to 2018 so that’s a good start. Michelle obviously has been as busy as a toothpick in whitewater rapids, but we do hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. And, now it’s time to go back to work or whatever the same old same old is for each of us. Got through yesterday with no reports of lost or runaway dogs, so that’s a good start. I personally checkout out the One Last Cast BBQ and Flamingo Road Nursery last Saturday and they are both there and lookin’ and cookin’ good. I got out with another excellent lunch and about sixty bucks worth of new flowers we can torture for the next couple months. Look for a hound gathering there in the near future.


Michelle is working diligently on getting the collars out. She will be back into the collar search again this week if all goes well with the holiday cleanup, so she requests as much patience as you can afford her. There are just three dogs left in the kennel, Fella, Mercury, and Casey. The big story of the week was Logan getting adopted. He was spotted by Darrell, who lives with three greyhounds in New Port Richey. That’s a little bit up the line, but Scott and Dusty happened to be going up in that area to visit his parents, so he stopped by to do the inspection and Darrell, his hounds, and house passed with flying colors. As Michelle doesn’t say, it turned out to be a greyhound Valhalla, not one, but two fenced yards, lots of green grass outside, and plenty of dog beds inside. Yeah, I had to look up Valhalla too, or if you didn’t, in Norse mythology, it’s a heavenly place to go. Scott was there and you can check it out on his blog ‘Dusty and Me’, which has the greyt details. The latest reports have Logan doing fine with his new home and three sister hounds. He’s a happy puppy and he’s earned it, so we wish him, Darrell, and his hounds many years of love, happiness, and good health.


We now have three hounds in the kennel left for adoption, which may or may not be significant. Fella is a red brindle guy, good looking, energetic, and will be celebrating his fifth birthday on February 8th, so it would be nice if he could get a home for his birthday. My people know Fella personally and they say he is a great dog, going to be a great addition to any home, so he has our personal stamp of approval, I don’t get to personally inspect many of the hounds any more, but I can vouch for this Fella. Mercury is a gorgeous red guy, he’ll be five in April. He also has plenty of love and energy, would go great with an active human, he loves dog sports, would probably do well in coursing, beach running, or even maybe bowling. Both these guys love romping in parks (fenced in of course) and living life to it’s fullest. And then there’s our Casey. His racing name was Killer KC, but he is a total pacifist. I was told he didn’t want to race because he was afraid of the rabbit, he also didn’t want to hurt the other dog’s feelings, so he let them all go past him so he wouldn’t embarrass any of them. He was told to find another line of work, unfortunately he had no previous training in any other line of work, so he had to retire and is now working on becoming a pet greyhound. I also heard that he gave his entire life savings to a rogue kennel worker who ran off with the money and his girlfriend, so Casey trusted no one, two or four legged for a long time. Then he came to our kennel, and with a few months of patience and love, he has made great strides towards trusting the world around him again. He’s a little hard to get to know, but once he knows and trusts you, he is a very sweet and loving hound. He is almost what we call a special needs dog, but he’s borderline, he’s shown he will be a beautiful companion for the right human. We have had many of this type over the years and we’ve had just as many special people who take the challenge to work with him, and it works out, and the reward Is, to me at least, much greater to be able to give these dogs a loving home, because they definitely will repay you with their love for the rest of their life. Ok, the new year is getting old, so we’re caught up with all the news that’s fit to print. Have a greyt week, keep your hounds warm, it’s supposed to cool off a bit, and don’t bite anyone.