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John’s Happy Tales Report
11/13/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Thank all of you who showed up for last weekend’s gathering of the hounds at the Flamingo Road Nursery and the very excellent Last Cast Bar-B-Que stand which always makes a greyt day even better. It was a fantastic weekend if you love greyhounds, great BBQ, and the Miami Hurricanes, which just happens to work for me. Nice turnout, the weather was decent, and even pleasant in the shade under the huts. Michelle has started a new project, dispersing all of the alumni collars from all of the years we’ve been adopting, or at least as many as we can find the owners for. Some people don’t really care, but for a lot of us, great sentimental value. FoG has made it a tradition to keep the original collars of every dog who has gone through our doors, and put them on a long chain for display. We used to hang them on the fences at the Hialeah Kennel during certain holidays and it made quite an impressive sight to see, nearly two thousand collars strung out along the fences, each one representing a greyhound’s life that we and you had changed, most often for the better. Most of us have had more than one, and speaking for myself at least, the chains bring back a lot of beautiful memories, both bitter and sweet. If you have interest in obtaining you dog (s) collar, just contact Michelle or Jerry through the website, or e mail, or phone. We will be at the Dog Dude Ranch this Sunday, located at 6305 S.W. 120 Avenue, in Miami, from 10 A.M. until 1 P.M., and Michelle will have the collars with her in the van. For any information I haven’t covered, you can e mail or call Michelle at the kennel.


I did not get the latest up to the minute information for the blog yet, so we are going on a wing and a prayer, but I did not hear of any adoptions going out or dogs coming in this week. You can check out any of our current inmates on the website or visit the kennel, and it’s entirely possible that we can bring one of two out to your place for a home visit if you so desire, or wish to see how one of your current four-legged occupants might react to our people. Most greyhounds get along with people and other animals, there are exceptions of course, and an in-home visit can usually give a very good idea of how a potential adoptee would get along with one of yours.


Last Saturday, as previously mentioned, we had a good turnout for our gathering and I even remember a couple names of the people I talked to, which is unusual. I did meet Bo, whose humans are from Michigan, so I had to spend some time with them since I originated in Michigan and Bo looks a lot like our Creepy. Scott’s blog ‘Dusty and Me’ has some pictures and talk on his blog, I also saw Bruce, the former Posey, Maurice showed up with Hermes, Joy graced our gathering with her three beautiful hounds, Honey, David, and Turtle. Pie came in, I almost misidentified him as Slug bug Bob, haven’t seen him since the Hialeah kennel days. Two of our adoptables, Kelly and Mercury were mixing and mingling with the crowd, just in case someone was looking for one for themselves. We met a nice young lady named Spencer, from South Carolina, who brought her little French Bulldog over to meet the ‘big boys’. Tulullah, disregard the spelling, was not impressed with any of the big boys and pretty much told them so. The food was great, the weather cooperated, and it’s always a treat to get to see and talk with our old friends, and the collars brought back a lot of old memories and stories from the past, both distant and recent. Don’t forget, next Sunday we will do it again, this time the hounds can get off leash and run around too, so try to drop in if you can, especially our Dade people. Ok, it’s late, that’s pretty much what I have for this week. Keep your hounds safe, the holidays are almost here, almost half of my favorite three months of the year are gone, so enjoy each day, and don’t bite anyone. PS Emma note. The non-greyhound that I went to check on at the animal shelter and adopted last month just came home from her spaying this afternoon. She did good and is resting very comfortably right now, out there watching the Underwear People as I call the wrestling program. She is a beautiful girl and apparently, we will now be living with 2 hounds and 2 regular dogs if my wife does not divorce or dissect me. Please do not send me to the animal shelter ever again.

Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

Sunday, November 19 from 10 AM until 1 PM
6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami
And we will be here again on December 3rd!
(Click here for driving directions.)
We will be in the front, fenced corral area and dogs will be allowed off-leash!!!
Please park along the street.
*** Greyhounds Only ***

Flamingo Road Nursery

Flamingo Road Nursery