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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/10/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

We are back, a day late, but a dollar ahead, feeling a lot better than the Dolphin, Lion, and Crimson Tide fans and no worse for the wear. I got to visit the inmates up close and personal this past weekend and they are all beautiful as usual. As there is nothing extremely important on the board for distribution, we can spend an extra sentence or two on the availables that are waiting with either baited or bated breath, for you to come and sweep them off their feet and carry them off to their happily ever after home. That is done a lot more frequently with Chihuahuas and yappers than with greyhounds and mastiffs, but it still can be and has been done.


First and best news of the week, Denim, who has been out and returned, but through the proverbial ‘no fault of her own’ has set the tone for the new year. One of our long-time adopters lost his dog and came to look for a new girl. There weren’t a lot of girl choices, Denim was there, but she was just exactly what he wasn’t looking for. She was five years old, a black dog, and a return, too old, wrong color and used already. What he didn’t count on was looking her in the eye. He didn’t want to adopt her, so he took her for a trial run before he had to go out of town for a week or so. He couldn’t get her out of his mind, now he can’t wait to get home to adopt her. Meanwhile, she’s getting her teeth cleaned and her shots updated. This has all the teeth marks of a lasting relationship. Reminds me of my courtship with my wife except that maybe she wasn’t black, she definitely wasn’t five years old, and she wasn’t a return. I also didn’t get her teeth cleaned when we got engaged and I don’t know anything about her shots. Actually, I guess the only thing that is like our courtship is that once I met her, I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. It’s been that way for over forty years now, so it worked out well for us, at least for me, and I hope that it works out that way for Denim too, she deserves it, she’s been very patient about all this. Anyway, we wish them nothing but love and good health for all their years together.


So, the Denim story has a happy ending, at least so far, now we want to continue the string as long as we can. Billy is another return. I put him on the ‘no fault of his own’ list, although, like in football, where the guy that retaliates after the initial foul, gets the flag, and that’s what happened to Billy. There was a yapper that kept getting in his face, and one day he said enough and beat the dog crap outta the little shrimp. He was branded a bully. His humans could not leave their house and neighborhood, so he had to go. Technically it was his fault, however, just like in football when one guy gives you a cheap shot and you retaliate, it’s usually the second one that gets the flag and not the instigator. Billy has proof as to the quality of his character, we have from his previous humans, a nice long letter describing Billy’s virtues. They love him dearly and would like to hear from his new owners, so we need to get him his new home, as he is paying for something that he didn’t cause. Billy is a solid, sleek, and strong guy. He has pretty much the same speed I was blessed with, so he lasted at the track about as long as I did in track, but he has shown the potential for making a fabulous pet He probably wouldn’t do well with cats and small dogs, but you never know. You can visit him at the kennel or we can arrange to bring him for a visit at your house. Michelle is very flexible for scheduling, so all you have to do is contact her and it’s very likely we can arrange a meeting for you at your convenience and even at your adobe. Actually, he even has a microchip already and you can transfer the information when you adopt him. I talked to him personally last Saturday, he didn’t say much but listened attentively and I came away very impressed with this guy.


We have currently three other boys waiting in the wings, just waiting for the right human to come and take them away. Ralph and Ace are both three years old, Ace is a beautiful brindle. JJ has just come in recently, he’s a tall and stately looking fawn boy. Annie is a little petite two-year-old girl. She’s cute as a bug’s ear and very loving. Carly is a big white girl with just a touch of brindle on her head. She’s a tall long legged girl, could be the girl of your dreams if you dream about long legged greyhounds. So, sports fans, we have something for everyone, the small, the tall, the youngsters, the not so youngsters, we have red, white, brindle, black, and they are all waiting for you to come in and make their day. Check them out with Pet Finder, our website, or up close and personal, all it takes is a call to Michelle or Jerry and it can be arranged. You just may make a fast friend for life.

That just about does it for this week. We have Horses and Hounds coming up next month and DogPalooza in Plantation and Woofstock in Sunrise and we’ll probably be getting back to the meet and greets at the Pet Supermarket I have Michelle and Jerry thinking about a gathering in the near future, maybe at Flamingo Nursery or somewhere, so stay tuned, things will be happening. Have a greyt rest of the week, don’t bite anyone, and stay safe.