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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/9/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Over a quarter of the way though a third of the way through my favorite quarter of the year, or, in layman’s terms, the first week of October is history. We’re still recovering from last month’s storm, or at least the FoG kennel fence is. The fence is essential for obvious reasons, and our repair people have finally arrived on the scene, that was Sunday, so I hope to hear sometime later today that repairs have been completed, but I’m not counting on it. We still have seven fantastic dogs available and ready to go to their forever homes. Scott has covered them all in his blog “Dusty and Me” and I encourage you to check that out, it is the latest and most up to the minute, and I mean minute literally, information on the who, what, where, when, and why’s of our kennel. He also has photos and video to go along with the news. My priorities, as usual, are the dogs with the extenuating circumstances, the current list includes Logan and Jagger, both now closer to senior status than young studs. Jagger lost his human through no fault of his own, the foolish human made a common mistake that a lot of us make, he got old. No longer able to take care of his longtime friend, he had to return Jagger. Yes, we support our hounds all through their lives, which means we do take them back when they can no longer live in their former forever homes for whatever reason. Jagger is home experienced, has the routine down pat, is gentle, has a great personality. He is not used to cats or kids, so that may hinder some potential adopters, but he’s ready, willing, and able to get back into a real home as soon as possible. Logan’s story is a little more complex. He started off well in his new home but the combination of too much activity caused by one of the kids, who was a special needs child, along with just too many people too up close and personal with him, caused him to unravel a bit and just not like anyone or anything about his new home. He was returned to our kennel, melancholy and not eating, but has managed to come around in the past couple weeks, eating much better, he’s in better spirits, and a lot more like his old happy self, and as Scott describes, his easygoing personality is now on display every day. Logan has lived hard and played hard, he has some racing scars and a couple missing toes from the racing days, but with the right individual and home environment, he still has plenty of love and devotion left to give to the right human, and when all is said and done, he is still better looking than I am, and I just got a haircut.


On the bright side, I have noted a couple of notes that are noteworthy and worth noticing, so sit up and take notice, take notes if necessary, and pay attention to the good news. Ms. Stormy will be going on a home trial in a couple days. If she can get along with the resident Italian Greyhound, it could mean a new home for her. I’ve been coaching her in Italian the past couple days and she’s ready to make a good impression on her new people, she has even learned (partially) how to sing Cara Mia almost as good as Jay Black of Jay and the Americans, she loves spaghetti and has been practicing the proper way to eat it, ala, Tramp in the Movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Also, at some point today, Mercury will be auditioning for a new home with one of our previous owners and their small dog, so if he does good, he will be a happy (old) puppy, this family treats their pets like royalty. Keep your fingers, toes, and dewclaws crossed and maybe this will be a two-dog day afternoon.


One final note, on the ‘other’ dog item from last week. Our girl Emma, the ‘greyhound that was not a greyhound’ that I rescued from the Dade Animal Shelter, is now part of our family, at least for the time being. Three of her puppies were adopted, and one is still there, looks exactly like her. I don’t have a picture of her at the moment, but she is about 90% Weimaraner, with a full tail, beautiful disposition, in good health except she was greatly emaciated if that’s a proper term, or completely starved, skin and bones, more precise description. Two things I did learn. The new Dade animal shelter is much, much nicer than the old one. I don’t know the policies and conditions but all I said was that it is a much nicer facility than the old. And, two days later, one of their people came out and checked up on her as a follow up. I did not know that they did this. He was telling me not to be offended (I guess no one is allowed to be offended in America anymore, but that’s another story), and I said quite the opposite, I’m glad they actually do come out and check and make sure the dogs go where they’re supposed to. This guy was nice, he said he was the one that transported her and that she looked so much better than she did when they brought her in. They don’t give you information about her previous life except that she was confiscated, but that’s ok, her life will be good from here on out. Maybe not mine so much if I am killed for bringing home another stray, but hers will be good I am sure. So, Emma is in, her daughter (about 13 weeks old) Bella, is waiting to get adopted. I’m rooting for our hounds to get their forever homes, but also keeping an eye out for Bella. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Have a greyt week, keep your hounds safe, and don’t bite anyone, it’s not worth it.