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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/31/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Happy Halloween to you from Mercury, Kal, Fella, Logan, Casey, and Kelly. They will be spending this Halloween at our kennel, but are waiting for you to come in and take one of them into your heart and home. One third of the final three months is now history, or will be in about six hours. We must be having fun, time is definitely flying. We currently have six beautiful hounds available for adoption and we’d love to have them in their forever homes by Thanksgiving or Christmas. As they say, there’s no place like home for the holidays.


Things have gone similar to molasses in winter time at our kennel since the storm. The good news, the fence is now repaired and things are getting back to normal for Michelle, Jerry, and the inmates. No fencing definitely turned the daily routine into chaos after the storm. I did want to mention that we now have great videos of the inmates on our website now, so I did remember to mention that part.

We had no activity on the adoption front this past week, but didn’t get any returns either, which is a good thing, we’ve had a spat of those in the recent past. We did have one nice couple from Naples (Florida, not Italy) that came and looked, and even liked, but we haven’t heard anything further as of the moment I am writing this. Now that people are finally starting to recover from the storm, we will have the holidays approaching, which will be on the forefront of most people’s thoughts and activities. Michelle is working on the chain and collar project. We have all the collars of every dog that has been adopted over the years, most of them are on plastic chains and we used to display them on the kennel fence back when we were in Hialeah. Michelle will be listing them all and making them available for those adopters who want them. This will be an interesting and large undertaking, fortunately she is retired and has very little else to do, so we’ll see if this project is finished in my lifetime.

I’m about to head out the door and head for the Quasimodo Look Alike Contest before the crowd gets too ugly, but before I go, I want to mention that we’re planning a couple of gatherings for later in the month. The usual suspects, The Dog Dude Ranch on Sunday, November 19th, and tentatively The Flamingo Road Nursery and the famous Last Cast BBQ Stand, on Saturday the 11th of November. Ok, that’s it for October, wish me luck in the contest, don’t bite anyone, and have a greyt week.

FoG's Collar Chain

Meetup @ Flamingo Road Nursery

Saturday, November 11 from *** NOON until 3 PM ***
At the Flamingo Road Nursery, 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie
(Click here for driving directions.)
Lots of parking and you can wander the grounds, check out the farmer’s market
and look at lots of plants, fountains and wind chimes!
Join FoG at the big shady tables by the BBQ stand.
They have food, drinks & reasonable prices.
*** All leashed greyhounds are welcome. ***
Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

Sunday, November 19 from 10 AM until 1 PM
6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami
And we will be here again on December 3rd!
(Click here for driving directions.)
We will be in the front, fenced corral area and dogs will be allowed off-leash!!!
Please park along the street.
*** Greyhounds Only ***